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By Dr. Alicia Harvey-Smith

Eclectic Insights (Part 1) – A composition of Poetry and Essays on varying Thoughts and Differing Opinions is a collection of motivational and inspiring writings spanning three decades. Dr. Alicia Harvey-Smith brings a delightful and fresh view to the realm of poetry, her authentic persona of care for mankind and pure honesty shines through in careful word craft as her interpretations of life are unpeeled; layer by layer, page by page.

Her poems give a deep, introspective view of the many stages of life. For example, the poem, “Finding Your Song” ignites readers in their quest to seek balance in an unbalanced world, while stepping with purpose to the beat of their own drum. Her innate talent of translating thought into vision brings her words to life—thusly, engaging the reader in an up-close and personal way. From celebrity tributes, writings of pure bliss, to unraveling questions of human uncertainty, readers are challenged to live on purpose.

She unveils life’s moments with ease and takes readers on a personal literary journey of eclectic insights. Her heart-felt writings will touch you and evoke emotions that strike a chord with all readers from every corner and walk of life. In a confusing world, Dr. Alicia Harvey-Smith’s poetry collection is inspiring and healing.


Other Publications:

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