Course Requirements
ID Title Class Lab Credits
Fall Semester (year 1)
ENGC102 College Composition I (Accuplacer) 3 0 3
MTHCxxx Mathematics Elective (Accuplacer) 4 0 4
ACCC101 Accounting I 3 0 3
BCPC101 Introduction to Computer Applications 2 3 3
BUSC101 Introduction to Business 3 0 3
Spring Semester (year 1)
SCICxxx Science Elective 2/3 3 3/4
XXXXxxx General Education Elective 3 0 3
ACCC102 Accounting II
3 0 3
ACCC105 Spreadsheets
2 3 3


Macroeconomics 3 0 3
BUSC105 Business Math 3 0 3
Fall Semester (year 2)
ENGC122 Professional Communications 3 0 3
ACCC203 Accounting III
3 0 3

Introduction to Finance

(ACCC102, BUSC101, MTHC106 or Economics)

3 0 3
ACCC215 Cost Accounting
3 0 3
ACCC216 Computerized Accounting
2 4 3
Spring Semester (year 2)
XXXXxxx Humanities/Fine Arts/World Language Elective 3 0 3
ENGCxxx English Elective(ENGC101) 3 0 3
ACCC200 Intermediate Accounting
3 0 3
ACCC212 Taxes 3 0 3
BUSC110 Principles of Management
3 0 3
BUSC240 Business Law 3 0 3

Prerequisite & Co-requisites are listed in parentheses.

Associate in Science Degree

(Day/Evening Program)

For more information about this program, please contact Michael O'Connell . 603-542-7744x5435

The accounting program provides intensive training in accounting principles and other related business courses.

It provides the student with a broad based education that will qualify him or her for an entry level position in accounting. Typical entry level positions include: accounts receivable or accounts payable clerks, junior accountants, account clerks, inventory controllers, and full-charge bookkeepers.

The program also provides the student with a strong background in computers. The computer related courses include Introduction to Computer Applications, Computerized Accounting, and Spreadsheets. 

In addition to the specialized accounting and computer courses, the student will take other business courses including Introduction to Business, Business Law, and Principles of Management. The program includes a general education component that complements the business courses.

The combination of these three elements (accounting, computers, and related business courses) will give the student a well-rounded and solid business education.

The accounting program graduate will be prepared for a number of careers in the business world. The graduate could work in an accounting office of any business, hospital, manufacturing plant, bank, insurance company or in a public accountant's office as a junior accountant. Applicants to the Accounting Program must meet the general admission requirement of the College. The evening degree option will take more than 2 years to complete. Courses may be taken in Claremont,  at the Academic Center in Keene and online.

The Accounting Program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), 7007 College Boulevard, Suite 420, Overland Park, Kansas 66211; 913-339-9356, Additionally, as the program is fully accredited by ACBSP, transfers to bachelor's degree programs are available for those who seek to further their education.