Family Child Care Provider

Course Requirements
ID Title Class Lab Credits
EDUC102 The Growth and Development of the Young Child 3 0 3
EDUC103 Health, Safety, and Nutrition For The Young child 3 0 3
EDUC130 Family Child Care Business Management 3 0 3
EDUC124 Family Child Care Curriculum and Environment
3 0 3

Prerequisite & Co-requisites are listed in parentheses.



For more information about this program, please contact Kerry Belknap-Morris. 603-542-7744 x5411.

The Family Child Care Provider Certificate is designed specifically for those individuals interested in, or who are already operating a family child care business. The goal of the certificate is to promote increased access for family child care providers to relevant credit-bearing college level education that will lead to improved quality in home child care.

Students interested in the Family Child Care Provider Certificate are encouraged to contact the Early Childhood Education Program Director early on to discuss their interest and plan their schedule.