General Studies

Course Requirements

The Associates Degree requires 64 credits: 32 credits in a coherent major, and an additional 32 credits in General Education courses and open electives.

ID Title Credits
GST102 Program Portfolio Design
(Option #1 only)
3 credits
ENGL102 College Composition I 3 credits
ENGLxxx English Elective 3 credits
XXXXxxx Humanities/Fine Arts/World
Language Elective
3 credits
XXXXxxx Social Science Elective 3 credits
SCIxxx Science Elective 3/4 credits
MATHxxx Mathematics Elective 3/4 credits
XXXXxxx General Education Elective 6 credits
Open Electives 6/8 credits
Degree major courses 32 credits

Associate in Science Degree

Design Your Major or Explore

College Studies

The Associate of Science in General Studies degree program provides flexible programs that meet learners' needs:

  • to pursue self-designed studies, including curricula that meet specific occupational and career goals
  • to explore college-level learning.

The General Studies degree offers students 3 different ways to begin their college careers:

Option #1 Students can design Associate Degree majors in fields not covered by the College's standard programs and courses.

Option #2 Students can build Associate Degree majors around Certificate programs.

  • All candidates requesting admission to option 1 & 2 must complete an admission interview with the program director.
  • All candidates admitted to option #1 must take GSTC102 Program Design Portfolio during their first academic year at the College to design and plan the course of study.

Option #3 The 'Explorer Option' student can experience a variety of college courses before deciding on an Associates Degree major. Students should work closely with an advisor to determine their program of study before completing 24 credits.


For more information on General Studies contact Nickole Milo (Claremont & Lebanon) at or Naomi Drury (Keene) at



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