Mathematics and Science

All students are required to take the following general education requirement credits
ID Title Class Lab Credits
ENGL102R College Composition I 3 0 3
ENGLxxxR English Elective 3 0 3
XXXxxxR Humanities/Fine Arts/World Language Elective 3 0 3
SOSCxxxR Social Science Elective 3 0 3
XXXxxxR Liberal Arts Elective     12

Associate in Science Degree

The Associate in Science Degree in Mathematics and Science will allow students to concentrate in any of the following areas:

*  This concentration is under development.

The program will provide a pathway of transfer to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) majors at four-year institutions while offering them a mathematics and science background that allows for a variety of career opportunities in related fields.  Furthermore, upon graduating with an Associate of Science degree in Mathematics and Science, RVCC students will be prepared to enter the workforce in positions such as laboratory and field technicians. Students who participate in the program will learn to think critically, reason logically, appreciate the nature and practice of science, and understand and evaluate quantitative and qualitative research.

Built on a cohesive program of study that stresses the connections between the STEM majors, the program design is based upon national standards for majors in mathematics and science. It includes a rigorous and diverse curriculum, accomplished faculty, support for students, and administrative support. Students can choose to concentrate in such areas as mathematics, biological science (e.g., cell and molecular biology, anatomy and physiology, biomedical research, ecology and evolutionary biology), physical science (e.g., chemistry, physics, astronomy), and engineering  (e.g., chemical, mechanical, civil, and electrical engineering).  

These concentrations emulate the first two years of four-year college and university degrees in mathematics, science, and engineering, and prepare students to be successful in these fields of study.

All students are required to take 64 credits to complete the degree of Associate in Science.  Of these credits, 32 are general education requirements, and an additional 32 are specific to concentration requirements.

Associate in Science Degree in Mathematics and Science Mission Statement

The Mathematics and Science program provides opportunities that prepare students for transfer and careers in mathematics, biological sciences, physical sciences, and engineering.  Emphasis is placed on building a positive disposition towards problem-solving in mathematics and science; developing a wide variety of practices that foster scientific inquiry and mathematical investigation, while thinking critically and reasoning logically.  In addition, we require that students develop, understand, evaluate, and respond to quantitative and qualitative research and literature; communicate effectively; and connect within and across disciplines that contribute to productive citizenship.

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