Medical Administrative Assistant

Course Requirements
ID Title Class Lab Credits
Fall Semester (year 1)
ALHT102R Medical Terminology 3 0 3
ALHT121R Medical Office Practice I
(ALHT102R, BUS102R, BUS106R)
2 3 3
BCPT101R Introduction to Computer Applications 2 3 3
BUS102R Business Correspondence 2 0 2
BUS106R Keyboarding 0 3 1
Spring Semester (year 1)



Fundamentals of Accounting OR
Accounting I

3 0 3
ALHT124R Medical Office Practice II
(ALHT102R, ALHT121R, BUS102R, BUS106R)
2 3 3
BCPT104R Word Processing
2 3 3
ALHT166R Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care 3 0 3
SCI103R Human Biology 4 0 4

Prerequisite & Co-requisites are listed in parentheses.


(Day/Evening Program)

If you are looking for a career that you can enter quickly and provide you with a challenging work environment, you may want to consider becoming a Medical Administrative Assistant.  A Medical Administrative Assistant is a trained professional who provides competent and efficient customer service, as well as support to the other facility staff, in order to provide the highest level of care to patients.  The Medical Administrative Assistant is responsible for running the front desk operations of a hospital, medical office, or other facility.

Medical Administrative Assistants are responsible for many duties, which may include answering communications, scheduling appointments, performing electronic medical coding, filing insurance claims, maintaining and filing records, performing accounting, and managing billing.  This position requires a great deal of knowledge and training.  The assistant must be excellent at verbal communication and have impeccable spelling and grammar to use in professional documents and other written communication. 

During the course of a normal workday, the Medical Administrative Assistant will perform much of the clerical work in the medical facility.  This includes answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, filing insurance forms, communicating with insurance companies, inventory and ordering supplies, and be responsible for scheduling patient hospital admissions and laboratory tests.

Applicants to the program must meet the general admission requirement for the college. Students must earn a grade of "C" or higher in all ALHT courses to progress within the program. Students have the option of a dual major with the Medical Assistant Certificate Program (MAC) or may apply after graduation from the MAA Program. All MAC courses require a grade of "C" or higher.

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