Nursing Assistant Certificate

Course Requirements
ID Title Class Lab Credits

Skill Training for Nursing Assistants (Accuplacer Assessment or Waiver;

CPR Health Care Provider Basic Life Support Training)

3 6 5

Prerequisite are listed in parentheses.

(Evening/Weekend – Part-time Program)

The Nursing Assistant Certificate program prepares students for licensure and employment in the role of a Licensed Nurse Assistant (LNA). The LNA works as an extension of the licensed nurse in hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, community health centers and home health care agencies. Nurse Assistants (LNAs) are not licensed to handle medications. The course helps students develop abilities to empathize with patients and perform nursing related activities.

Students are encouraged to practice skills, ask questions, and share feelings about entering the care environment.  The program provides 48 hours of classroom instruction, 24 hours of clinical laboratory, and 72 hours of supervised clinical in direct care. The program holds full approval by the New Hampshire Board of Nursing, and Vermont Board of Nursing  Attendance is mandatory at all class, lab, and clinical sessions to meet New Hampshire and Vermont Board of Nursing requirements. 

This course can be completed in 8 weeks depending on clinical site and instructor availability.  The course schedule is two evenings and a weekend day when possible. The clinical hours, placement, and course scheduling are subject to change. Semester scheduling of NURC 101 can be found on the College website

Completion of this NA certificate program does not assure entrance in the College nursing programs.

The College reserves the right to cancel the course when enrollment is not adequate.

Graduates will be able to:

• provide assistance with activities of daily living to patients.
• communicate effectively with patients and the health care team.
• document data and findings related to the patients well-being.
• apply knowledge of legal and moral principles when performing nursing related activities.
• function as an effective team member within the role of the nursing assistant.
• perform skills safely and within the scope of the nurse assistant.
• use this knowledge to take a standardized nurse aide examination at the end of the program, meeting federal OBRA requirements.

Admission Requirements:

• General requirements as listed in the catalog
• Complete Accuplacer Placement Test if no waiver from the NA Program Director*.  A limited proficiency (5-9) in Computations with Integers and Fractions on the diagnostic arithmetic Accuplacer exam and a Reading score of 70 or higher is required to enroll in the NURC101 Skill Training for Nursing Assistants course.
• Two written references, submitted on forms provided by the College
• Ability to lift and move at least 40 pounds on a regular basis (in relation to performing nursing assistant job related activities)
• Demonstrate manual dexterity and motor coordination to perform nursing assistant job related activities
* Consultation with the Department of Instruction Services may be indicated

Additional Requirements:

Evidence of the following must be submitted to the nursing department before the first class.
• Current (within 2 years) physical exam by a physician
• Current American Health Association (AHA) or American Red Cross (ARC) CPR, healthcare providers level training. Only AHA or ARC courses with skill check by qualified instructor are accepted for recertification.  Initial CPR must be a full 6 hour course with skill check.
• Medical Insurance covering a minimum of accident is mandatory for clinical and documentation must be submitted no later than one week prior to start of clinical.
• A negative Tuberculin skin test (within last 10 months)
• Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) immunity
• Chicken Pox history or immunization
• Hepatitis B vaccination series or waiver
• Liability Insurance
• Tetanus (TDaP) within past 5 years

Criminal Background Checks: Students are advised that clinical sites require Criminal Background Checks and BEAS consent.  Any fees to meet these requirements are the responsibility of the student.  Students with known criminal background or legal actions may be denied enrollment and/or progression in the program. Students will receive instructions from the nursing department for the Background Check after acceptance to the NA program.  The Background Check must be completed prior to the start of clinical learning experiences.

The Board of Nursing, NH RSA 326 – B: 15 requires fingerprinting and a criminal records check before a license will be issued

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