Polysomnographic, Sleep Technologist

Course Requirements
ID Title Class Lab Credits
Fall Semester
AHLC102 Medical Terminology 3 0 3
PSGC101 Professional & History of Sleep Medicine (PSGC104) 1 0 1
PSGC102 Anatomy and Physiology and Pathophysiology for Polysomnographic Technologists(PSGC104) 3 0 3
PSGC103 Heart Rhythms and Pharmacology for PSG Technologists (PSGC104) 2 0 2
PSGC104 Polysomnography Fundamentals (Lab) (PSGC102) 3 3 4
Spring Semester
PSGC105 Polysomnography Advanced (Lab)(PSGC104) 3 3 4
PSGC106 Polysomnography Clinical (PSGC104) 0 0 5
PSGC107 Pediatric/Special Polysomnographic Testing (Lab)(PSGC106) 2 2 3
PSGC109 Sleep Disorders 2 0 2
Summer Semester
PSGC108 Polysomnography Clinical II (PSGC106) 0 0 6

Prerequisite & Co-requisites are listed in parentheses.
Students must pass all Polysomnography courses with a "C" or better to progress in the program.


Sleep technologist is a 10 month certificate program offers current theory, procedures, and protocols. The Polysomnographic, Sleep Technologist program graduate is able to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of sleep and daytime alertness that include: narcolepsy, sleep apnea, insomnias, and others. The program prepares the graduate to set-up and operate a variety of sophisticated electronic monitoring devices that record the quality and pattern of sleep. Sleep Study monitors physiologic events such as: brain activity (EEG), muscle and eye movement, respiration, blood oxygen levels, and heart rate. Students acquire their skill sets through a mixture of online learning, discussion, simulated exercises, lab work, and clinical practicum.  Although much of the learning occurs online, the student will be required to attend labs at RVCC, and clinicals at various sleep centers.

  • Graduates must pass a national exam to become a Registered Polysomnographic, Sleep Technologist.
  • New Hampshire is currently drafting licensure for Polysomnographic Technologists.

The College has obtained  designation as a Focused Educational Provider or Sleep Technology Approved Resource (STAR) for the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT).  This designation provides the pathway for our polysomnographic certificate students to apply for the national board certification examination and become certified or registered polysomnographic technologist.

Admission requirements:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent (GPA > 2.0) with Algebra, and Biology
  • Current certification in CPR for Health Care Providers by the start of the first clinical.
  • Job Shadow during the night at a Sleep Center Job Shadow Form
  • Faculty Interview.
  • Applicants are advised that criminal background checks are required by many clinical sites, state licensing agencies, and employers. Please consult with program faculty if you have any questions or concerns regarding background checks.

Admission to the program will be competitive so a recent High School graduate may be at a disadvantage. The High School graduate would need a high GPA, be working in the health field and/or have Math and/or Science college credits (Running Start credits) to increase their chances of acceptance


Employer Involvement/Interest:

The field of Polysomnography (Sleep Technology) is a rapidly expanding area of health care. The expected increase throughout the United States by 2018 is 26%. Professional medical practice and insurance guidelines require sleep disorder centers to have access to a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist before they can process the data and return the study results to the physician. This program will supply those professionals.

Job Outlook

There are approximately 20 sleep centers in Vermont and New Hampshire with more starting each year.  There are 7,000 people nationwide are employed as Polysomnographic Technologists, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This number is expected to increase as more Americans seek help for their sleep disorders. In the job posting site, Indeed.com there were 411 jobs posted nationwide.


Gainful Employment Disclosure Statement