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Alternative IV Certificate for Career and Technical Education

Alternative IV is a certification process, overseen by the New Hampshire Department of Education, restricted to critical shortage areas, certain career and technical specialty areas and business administrators. Career Technology specialty areas continue to present critical shortages to our school districts in New Hampshire. 

The Alternative IV Certificate has been constructed according to the competencies articulated for teachers of a vocational specialty, a career and technical specialty, or a critical shortage area.

The Alternative IV Certificate offers career changers and other qualified individuals an alternative pathway for attaining the competencies identified in a national model of Career and Technical Teacher Certification aligned with the New Hampshire Department of Education.

Comprised of eight courses for a total of twenty-four college credits, the Alternative IV Certificate includes:

ED230 - Essentials of Career and Technical Curriculum and Instruction

ED204 - Instructional Technology OR

BCPC101 - Introduction to Computer Applications 

HSVC120 - Learning and Behavior
PSYC200 - Educational Psychology
TEC101 - Foundations of Education
EDUC102 - Growth and Development
EDUC105 - Children with Special Needs and Their Families
ENGC102 - College Composition I

Prospective career and technical educator applicants will possess significant life/work experience or academic preparation in a career and technical content area. The Career and Technical Center Directors and School Districts will retain the authority to review the eligibility of all prospective career and technical educators on an individual basis.

Many Alternative IV Certificate credits may also be utilized in an Associate Degree at any of the Community Colleges in our system as well as in transfer toward degrees at other colleges.

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