Nursing Assistant

ADNR101R  Skill Training for Nursing Assistants -

3 Class Hours/6 Lab Hours/5 Credits

This course will prepare the learner to take a standardized test acceptable to the NH Board of Nursing for licensure and employment in the health care field as a nursing assistant. The learner will be prepared to meet the basic self-care needs of clients throughout the life span. Content includes: legal and ethical responsibilities of the nursing assistant, identification of self-care needs of the client, principles of communication, asepsis, body mechanics and common health problems related to body systems. Basic psychomotor nursing skills used by the nursing assistant will be acquired. Simulated clinical laboratory experiences will provide the opportunity for mastering these skills prior to a supervised direct care clinical experience.  This course provides a minimum of 48 hours of classroom and 24 hours of laboratory instruction.  The direct care of clients, arranged by nursing clinical faculty includes 72 hours of learning opportunities in a supervised clinical rotation in a hospital or long-term care setting. (Prerequisites:  Matriculation in NA certificate program, Accuplacer Reading score 70 or higher, Math Assessment/Arithmetic 64 or higher)


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