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PHBC110R  Phlebotomy - 3 Class Hours/3 Credits
This course is designed to provide the student with theoretical and introductory technical skills of a phlebotomist. Discussions include anatomy and physiology of the circulatory system, medical terminology, structures of the health care system and laboratory, safety, types of laboratory analyses, specimen collection including techniques, equipment, sources of error and medico-legal issues surrounding the practice of phlebotomy. (Prerequisite: Matriculation in Phlebotomy Program or Permission of Instructor.)

PHBC190R Phlebotomy Internship - 3 Credits
After successful completion of the Phlebotomy course, the student will spend 120 hours in a clinical environment becoming proficient with the responsibilities and skills of a phlebotomist while under the supervision of qualified personnel in an accredited clinical laboratory. (Prerequisite: PHBC110R or ALHT126R, matriculation in Phlebotomy program.)


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