Practical Nursing

NURC110  Self-Care Nursing I - 3 Class Hours/9 Lab/Clin Hours/6 Credits
This course provides the student with a review of the fundamental concepts of nursing including: nursing processes medical-surgical asepsis, environment, personal hygiene, activity/rest/sleep, nutrition, vital signs, and elimination.  The learner will be introduced to developmental needs from birth through old age- addressing physical, cognitive, psychosocial, and moral development.  Concepts related to drug theory and medication administration will be explored as well as health deviation needs related to homeostasis, pain, and the preoperative process.  Pharmacology, nutrition, legal/ethical/cultural concepts, and psychosocial issues will be integrated into the units of study.  Simulated laboratory and or clinical experience will provide opportunities for the students to develop the psycho-motor skills related to the units of study above as well as sterile technique, urinary catheterization, tracheostomy care and suctioning, and physical assessment.   (Prerequisite: SCIC111 & PSYC101, Health Care Provider CPR, student nurse liability insurance, NH LNA Licensure.)

NURC200  Self-Care Nursing II - 4 Class Hours/15 Lab/Clin Hours/9 Credits
This course focuses on holistic nursing care to promote wellness in clients throughout the life span. Health deviation needs to continue to be introduced addressing content related to: Fluid and Electrolyte Balance, Cardiovascular System, Immune System, Respiratory System, Endocrine System, Cell Proliferation, Masculo-Skeletal System, Urinary System, and Mental Health.  Pharmacology, nutrition, legal/ethical/cultural concepts will be integrated into each unit of study utilizing the nursing process.  The learner will develop an understanding of the role of the practical nurse in assisting clients to maintain and/or restore an optimal level of wellness.  Learning opportunities will be provided in a variety of settings to facilitate the integration and application of theoretical knowledge in a reality based work setting.  (Prerequisites:NURC110, SCIC111, PSYC101.)

NURC201  Self-Care Nursing III - 4 Class Hours/15 Lab/Clin Hours/9 Credits
This course of study will focus on holistic nursing care to promote wellness in clients who have identified self-care deficits associated with well-defined health deviations to tech nervous system, neurosensory system, reproductive system and the gastrointestinal system.  Developmental and health deviation needs related to childbearing will be explored. Concepts related to emergency management will be addressed.  The role of the practical nurse, utilizing the nursing process in provision of care for clients, will be emphasized.  Pharmacology, nutrition, legal/ethical/cultural, and pyschosocial/mental health concepts will be integrated into each unit of study.  Students will participate in structured learning experiences, in a variety of health care agencies, to integrate theoretical knowledge with application of basic skills.  (Prerequisites: NURC200)

NURC202  Managing Professional Practice: PN - 1 Class Hour/1 Credit
This course provides the Practical Nursing student with information and learning experiences that will aid the student in assuming his/her role. The course is designed to facilitate the nursing student’s awareness of the legal, ethical, and cultural issues facing today’s practical nurse. Issues are examined through written submissions, readings, discussions and role-play. Course content will also include the role of the practical nurse as a member within the discipline of nursing, work place communication, leadership management techniques as well as related topics. Course to be offered in Spring Semester.  The course includes (1) one hour seminar per week.  (Co/Prerequisite: NURC110, NURC200, NURC201)