• Due to weather conditions, the College will be closed in Claremont and Keene on Wednesday, January 28.

Admissions Counselors/Recruiter

Kathleen Aldrich, College Counselor/Admissions 542-7744 (x5323), kaldrich@ccsnh.edu
A.A.S., A.S., New Hampshire Community Technical College; B.S., College for Lifelong Learning

Chuck Kusselow, College Counselor/Admissions 542-3900 ckusselow@ccsnh.edu
B.A. State University of New York - Buffalo; M.S.W., State University of New York - Albany

Eric Murdoch, Recruiter 542-7744 (x5332) emurdoch@ccsnh.edu
B.A., Keene State College

Connie Lester, Recruiter 357-2142 clester@ccsnh.edu
B.A., M.A., Keene State College

Arelis Quinones-Sanchez, Recruiter 357-2142 aquinonessanchez@ccsnh.edu
B.A., University of Puerto Rico

Andrea Spinale 542-7744 (x5332) aspinale@ccsnh.edu
B.A., University of Massachusetts - Boston