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Kathleen Aldrich Admissions Counselor (x5323); Keene (x5722)

James Allen Director of Library Resources (x5336)

Lynne Birmingham Programs Information Officer (5342)

John Blake Building Service Worker II (x5356)

Robert Bowers Building Service Worker III (357-2142)

Jim Britton H1B Grant Project Director (x5346)

Catherine Capach, Lab Assistant II

Diane S. Carroll Human Resources Officer(x5341)

James Carroll Stock Clerk III (x5305)

Susan Cass Nursing Secretary (x5368)

Megan Coleman Library Technician (x5466)

Marie Couitt Banner Coordinator (x5361)

Jean Dale Financial Aid Secretary (x5312)

Jillian E. Davis Executive Assistant to the President (x5527)

Julia Dower Financial Aid Director (x5310); Keene (5725)

Ivy Downing Secretary II, Keene(5712)

Catherine Driesch Disabilities Support Coordinator (x5421)

Naomi Drury GAC Academic Advisor

Deborah DuClos Secretary II - One Stop (x5325)

Tim Dunham, Assistant Registrar (x5317)

Edwin Ellis Bursar (x5302)

Andrew Erisman Building Services Supervisor (x5356)

Christopher Fleming Keene Receptionist (x5703)

Thomas Freeland Building Service Worker III (x5356)

Diana Gauthier Admissions Assistant (x5326)

Nikki Gauthier TAACCCT Grant Executive Assistant, Keene (x5715)

Sharon Gilbert Registrar (x5316)

Laura Hanson Student Services (x5725)

Tiffany Hardy Student Life/Social Media (x5321)

Leigh Hays Buildings and Grounds (x5356)

Larry Juniper Building Service Worker III (357-2142)

Charles Kusselow Director of Admissions (x5322)

Patricia Labrecque Program Assistant Financial Aid (x5311)

Raelene LaPlante Accounting Technician H1B Grant (x5420)

Marlene Lewis Liberal Arts/Business Department Secretary (x5367)

Michelle Lockwood Assistant Bursar (x5304)

Valerie MacIntosh Running Start Coordinator (x5349)

Dr. Leigh C. Marthe Director for Instructional Services (x5405)

Sarah McMurphy Program Assistant (x5499)

Nickole Milo GAC Academic Advisor (x5522)

Wayne Morrison Director of Academic and Administrative Computing (x5360)

Martha Mott WorkReadyNH Director (x5485)

Eric Murdoch Admissions Recruiter (558-2301)

Gloria Oakes Library Assistant (x5466)

Jacob O. Perron Technical Support Specialist II (x5362)

Matthew Perron Plant Maintenance Engineer (x5355)

Steven Picano Building Service Worker III (x5356)

Barbara Purcell NSF Grant Project Coordinator (x5410)

Beth Quimby DCE Program Assistant (x5347)

Kelly Roe TAACCCT Executive Secretary

Barbara Rozwadowski H1B Executive Secretary(x5324)

Rebecca Schmidt Lab Assistant II

Robert Stillings TAACCCT Grant Program Coordinator (357-2142)

Frank Sutphin Business Service Worker III (x5356)

Tricia Temple WorkReadyNH Program Assistant (x5500)

Rianna Villemaire, Secretary II - One Stop (x5324)

Mary Anna Ward Allied Health/Human Services Secretary II (x5366)