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Fall 2016 President's and Vice President's List

Claremont, NH – At River Valley Community College academic honors are awarded to students with a grade point average of 3.00 and up for Vice President’s List and 3.70 and up for President’s List.  The following are President’s and Vice President’s Lists honorees based on all courses taken at RVCC for the fall 2016 semester.  
PRESIDENT'S LIST: The following full-time, matriculated students in good standing with a grade point average of at least 3.70 are entitled to honors on the President’s List:
Anthony Acevedo, Sunapee, NH
John Ackerman, Newport, NH
Sabrina Adams, Westmoreland, NH
Shannon Ahmed, Lebanon, NH
Garrett Albano, Enfield, NH
Erica Arpin, Rindge, NH
Richard Beam, Keene, NH
Dillon Bellefeuille, Walpole, NH
Meaghan Breen, Keene, NH
Eliza Budhathoki, Claremont, NH
Diane Cammarata, Lebanon, NH
Daniel Carney-Olmstead, Keene, NH
Kristen Charrier, Springfield, VT
Kaylee Crapo, Lunenburg, VT
Michael Emerson, Stoddard, NH
Kayla Goodnow, Marlborough, NH
Hannah Groth, Keene, NH
Taccara Horn, Warner, NH
Meghan Howard, Lebanon, NH
April Jones, Waterbury Center, VT
Nikki Kibling, Windsor, VT
Benjamin Mackey, Keene, NH
Todd Macomber, Sunapee, NH
Timothy Martel, Walpole, NH
Teagan Michaud, Cornish, NH
Mary Miller, Richmond, NH
Trisha Moore, Keene, NH
Keith Morgan, Brownsville, VT
Casey Nagle, Keene, NH
Brendan O'Donnell, Meriden, NH
Joseph O'Keefe, White River Jct, VT
Tammie Putnam, Walpole, NH
Madeline Reno, Newport, NH
Nicholas Riel, Lempster, NH
Hongtao Rode, Lebanon, NH
Abigail Ross, Elkins, NH
Colleen Ross, Keene, NH
Trisha Schuman, Keene, NH
Lindsey Schwarz, Orford, NH
Bonnie Shinn, Claremont, NH
Alissa Simino, Cornish, NH
Monica Theriault, Lebanon, NH
Wallace Wall, Springfield, VT
Melissa Warner, Canaan, NH
Anna Wardner, Claremont, NH
Jessica Wilson, Keene, NH
VICE PRESIDENT'S LIST: The following full-time, matriculated students in good standing earning a grade point average of 3.00 to 3.69 are entitled to honors on the Vice President’s List:
Vanessa Abello, Keene, NH
Joshua Aldrich, Keene, NH
Amanda Alley, Lebanon, NH
Emily Anderson, Windsor, VT
Richard Arnold, Wolfeboro, NH
Theresa Attas-Wright, Hinsdale, NH
Danielle Beneat, Charlestown, NH
Matthew Blanchard, Claremont, NH
Cassidy Bolles, Bradford, VT
Nicholas Bradley, Perkinsville, VT
Kelsey Breen, Cornish, NH
Felicia Brooks, Sullivan, NH
Ryan Carey, Keene, NH
Zachary Carpenter, Claremont, NH
Brittany Cauthen, Springfield, VT
Miriam Caveney, Canaan, NH
Lania Chapin, Claremont, NH
Matthew Charbono, Grantham, NH
Adam Chesley, Charlestown, NH
Margaret Cole, Swanzey, NH
Andrew Comte, Nottingham, NH
Corinne Depasquale, Keene, NH
Jillian Dion, Plainfield, NH
Andrea Ferland, Claremont, NH
Jessica Flore, Springfield, VT
Jonathon Foote, Wentworth, NH
Emma Fournier, Keene, NH
Stuart Gannon, Enfield, NH
Brittany George, West Lebanon, NH
Marina Gibbons, Warwick, MA
Megan Gilpatric, Bristal, NH
Emma Graves, Bellows Falls, VT
Jeremy Hardy, Keene, NH
Cierra Henn, Lowell, VT
Riley Hentschel, Claremont, NH
Emily Herschel, Springfield, VT
Angela Hooper, Claremont, NH
Katie Houle, Winchester, NH
Nicole Hutchins, Nelson, NH
Lexie Keane, Lebanon, NH
Lauren Kelly, Charlestown, NH
Leah Rose Kendrick, Weare, NH
Chloe Kennison, Claremont, NH
Anastassia Kozak, Goshen, NH
Alyssa Lamott, Claremont, NH
Amanda Langer, Wolfeboro, NH
Laura Laskevich, Springfield, VT
Adrienne Leclerc, Langdon, NH
Allison Lessard, Claremont, NH
Samantha Lord, Keene, NH
Amanda Martel, Walpole, NH
Rozwell Mason, Claremont, NH
Joshua Maynard, Enfield, NH
Dana Mayotte, Hinsdale, NH
Stephanie McConnell, Claremont, NH
Chloe McKeon, West Chesterfield, NH
Heather Miles, Keene, NH
Brooke Minetti, Burlington, VT
Jessica Palmer, Cornish, NH
Brianna Pandolfi, Pembroke, NH
Vanessa Parkinson, Claremont, NH
Robert Patterson, Claremont, NH
Alyssa Perley, Keene, NH
John Perley, Keene, NH
Amanda Potter, Lebanon, NH
Tanya Reagan, Keene, NH
Chandler Richardson, Springfield, VT
Evan Riel, Lebanon, NH
Andrea Roberts, Canaan, NH
Katherine Ryan, Keene, NH
Heather Sanborn, Claremont, NH
Gloria Sandoval Gonzalez, Claremont, NH
Kayla Sanville, Derby, VT
Sean Schorer, Bellows Falls, VT
Connor Scott, Richmond, NH
Tammy Shackett, Jaffrey, NH
Brianna Smidutz, Alstead, NH
Connor Spaulding, Charlestown, NH
Frank Sprague, Claremont, NH
Taylor St Aubin, Charlestown, NH
Kellie St Jacques, Charlestown, NH
Sydney St Pierre, Charlestown, NH
Jenny Tran, Marlborough, NH
Kayla Truman, Richmond, NH
Mackenzie Tucker, Keene, NH
Travis Vicary, Lebanon, NH
Megan Wallace, Hanover, NH
Morgan Ward, Claremont, NH
Shannon White, Lebanon, NH
Abigail Wilkinson, Lebanon, NH
Shane Zabrowski, North Walpole, NH
River Valley Community College is one of seven colleges in the Community College System of New Hampshire, offering thirty-nine associate degree and certificate programs in Claremont, Keene, Lebanon, and Online. RVCC is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges’ Commission on Institutions of Higher Education.  Financial Aid and Scholarships are available.  Visit www.rivervalley.edu to learn more.


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