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Campus Services


The Bookstore serves as a center for the purchase of textbooks and equipment necessary for study at the College. The store is a contract service at the College and the hours of operation are posted on the door. Questions regarding the Bookstore services should be directed to the Student Affairs Office. For more information, click here.

Food Service

A variety of hot and cold food items are offered through the cafeteria and a variety of drinks and snacks are available from vending machines. Students may bring their own food or purchase it from the contracted food service at the College.


All students are requested to carry medical insurance of some kind while attending the College. Students engaged in interscholastic sports are required to have medical insurance. Students working in laboratories or shops that require the operation of machinery or equipment that could cause injury in case of malfunction or student error should be covered by medical insurance. 

Personal professional liability insurance is mandatory for all students in Allied Health programs which include clinical requirements. The rate is approximately $15.00 per year. Students will need to show valid proof of such coverage before going on affiliation

Health Services

There are many health service resources in the vicinity of the campus. Costs and eligibility requirements vary. Please contact area agencies for this information in advance whenever possible. Students are responsible for all expenses incurred as a result of medical services required in the event of an accident or injury while on campus or at clinical sites.

Health Forms

Health forms must be completed by all matriculated students and submitted to the Admissions Office prior to the first day of enrollment. Specific proof of immunity may be required depending on the program of study. Additional immunization, laboratory work and/or written documentation may be required based on individual circumstances.


River Valley Community College does not offer on campus housing.  Click Here for a list of off campus housing resources. 


Lockers are assigned by the Student Affairs Office. Priority on locker assignments is given to matriculated students. Lost keys are replaced at a cost of $3.00. It is the student's responsibility to empty his or her locker and return the locker key. Lockers are assigned continuously and the College cannot guarantee the safety of personal items. All lockers will be cleaned out at the end of the summer semester. The College will not be responsible for any items left after summer semester.

Student ID's

Students are issued a student ID at the beginning of their first term free of charge. Student ID's need to be visable at all times when on campus.  Students requesting a replacement ID card will be assessed a fee of $15. Contact the Student Affairs Office for more information.


Students must obtain parking permit to park on campus.  Students may park in designated areas. Please observe all posted parking restrictions. Violators will be fined in accordance with the following schedule:

  • First offense $5.00
  • Second offense $10.00
  • Third offense $20.00

When necessary, towing at the student's expense may be authorized by the President or their designee. Any offenses in excess of three shall be charged a fine of $50.00 and may result in permanent car restriction from campus. Transcripts, diplomas, and grade reports will not be issued until all parking fines are paid.

Change of Address

Students changing their living quarters, permanent address, telephone number or name must notify the College. Change of Address forms are available in the Registrar's Office, Business Office and Students Affairs Office.

Cancellation of Classes

The College will hold classes as usual unless severe utility malfunctions or unusually severe storm conditions dictate otherwise. Classes will not be cancelled except under extreme circumstances. Students should use their own good judgment as to whether it is safe for them to drive to classes.

In the event that conditions are such that the Claremont campus or Keene Academic Center must close or invoke a two hour delay, an announcement will be posted on the web page by 6:00 A.M., and it will be announced on the following radio and television stations no later than 6:00 AM:

  • WKNE 103.7FM Keene, NH
  • WKTV 92.7FM 1490AM Brattleboro, VT
  • WKXL 102.3FM 1450AM Concord, NH
  • WCFR 93.5FM 1480AM Springfield, VT
  • WTSL 92.3FM 1400AM Lebanon, NH
  • WTSV 1230AM Claremont, NH
  • WNHV 910AM Claremont, NH
  • WHDQ 106.1FM Claremont, NH
  • WXXK 101.7FM Newport, NH
  • WGSL 92.3FM Lebanon, NH
  • WMUR (TV) Channel 9 Manchester, NH
  • WNNE (TV) Channel 31 WRJ, VT

NOTE: If a two hour delay is announced, classes will begin according to the schedule.


Although the College does not have professional counselors or psychiatric professionals on staff, the college does have a number of options available for those students in need of professional counseling. Students can participate in groups to discuss career, and/or academic concerns. Program directors, faculty, and staff are available to provide additional one-on-one consultation and dialogue. Community agencies in the area are available for assistance in finding solutions to individual concerns. The College FIRSTeam, a team of trained faculty and staff members who deal in crisis management, are a resource to our campus community.

Transfer Advising

Many students decide to continue their education after graduating from the College. Any student who wants information about four-year colleges can visit the Student Affairs Office where there is a collection of college catalogs. Also, representatives from four-year colleges visit the College to recruit our graduates. The Student Affairs staff can answer questions from students about the transfer process.


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