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River Valley Community College is committed to assuring that otherwise-qualified students with disabilities are guaranteed equal access to all the educational benefits of the College. Students who self-disclose a disability during the admissions process are invited to meet with the Disabilities Coordinator to discuss services available through the Department of Instructional Services.

  • Students with valid, current documentation of a disability may be qualified for services under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.
  • Qualified students with disabilities may request appropriate classroom accommodations under Section 504.
  • Appropriate classroom accommodations are granted by the College through the Disabilities Coordinator on a case-by-case basis and are designed to help students meet academic program requirements.
  • Reasonable and appropriate classroom accommodations are recommended in an Individual Reasonable Accommodation Plan which the student may share with course instructors. The Disabilities Coordinator then works closely with students and instructors in implementing the recommended accommodation plan.
  • Students with Individual Reasonable Accommodation Plans must have them renewed or updated by the Disabilities Coordinator each semester.
  • Students should review the procedure for seeking appropriate academic accommodations with the Disabilities Coordinator.

Keys to Accessing Postsecondary Education

Resource Guide for Students with Disabilities

Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals Information
   Service Animal Information from ADATA
   Service Animal Information from ADA.gov

Frequently asked questions

How can I arrange accommodations for admissions testing?

Discuss this with your admissions counselor who will refer you to the Disabilities Coordinator Be prepared to have appropriate documentation to support your request.

Contact the Student Success Center to schedule Accuplacer placement testing at 603-542-7744, x5499 or 1-800-837-0658. 

Accuplacer is designed to learn more about your skills in the areas of reading comprehension, language usage, arithmetic and elementary algebra and plan your course selections. Accuplacer assessments are taken on our computers and are untimed. Results are confidential and available immediately upon completion. 

How do I receive course accommodations?

Make an appointment with the Disabilities Coordinator.

Students must provide current documentation from an appropriate licensed professional.  If you qualify for an accommodation plan, the Disabilities Coordinator will work with you to make sure that you obtain appropriate course accommodations.  NOTE it is your responsibility to contact the Disabilities Coordinator for an accommodation plan each term , it will not be provided automatically.  If you have any questions about your eligibility, ask the Disabilities Coordinator.   

What documentation must I provide if I have a learning disability?

Educational evaluation dated within the last three years containing:

  • a measure of aptitude
  • a measure of achievement
  • any other relevant standardized measures of achievement
  • actual test scores and interpretation of results
  • clear, specific evidence and identification of the learning disability

What documentation must I provide if I have a physical, psychological or other disability?

Documentation must provide a clear statement of the disability, a summary of the assessment procedures and evaluation instruments used to make the diagnosis, and a summary of evaluation results, especially those related to academic issues. 

Are specialized instructional aides or personal care services provided?

No.  Students are responsible for arranging and providing these services when they are deemed appropriate.  These include, but are not limited to, medical equipment, personal care attendants, specialized tutors or educational aides.  The campus does not have a nursing office or medical facility.

Will requirements of a program or the content of a course be modified?

No.  Students are required to meet the essential requirements of academic departments to enter a program and to remain in a program.  All students must show mastery of course materials to earn college credit.

How will my instructors find out about my academic need related to my disability?

To receive services:

  1. Meet with the Disabilities Coordinator prior to the start of the term to review and update your plan
  2. Obtain a copy of your Individual Reasonable Accommodation Plan for each class you are enrolled in.
  3. Meet with your instructor(s) and present a copy of your accommodation plan to discuss how your needs will be met. The instructor will sign an acknowledgment form that you present and return it to the Disability Coordinator.
  4. Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 each semester
  5. You also have the right not to inform your instructor (s).


Catherine Driesch, M.Ed.
Disabilities Coordinator 
Student Success Center

542-7744 x. 5421


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