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Student Senate

The purpose of the Student Senate shall be to promote and maintain the unity and general policy making authority over all student activities which are extracurricular in nature. 

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Student Clubs Rules and By-Laws
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Student Senate E-Board
President: Randy O'Neil
Vice President: Andrea Spinale
Secretary: Tiela Otto
Treasurer: Cardia Avery

2013-2014 Student Senate in Review
Free Food: Fruit, Salad Bars, Ice Cream, bagels; Movie Tickets, Fitness and CPR Reimbursements; Constitution Day Game Show; BINGO Night; NCSL Leadership Conference; Boston Museum of Science; Boston Red Sox; End of the Year Party

Student Senate On Campus Programming for 2014-2015 School Year
African Dance and Drum – February 19; 12:00
Military Tactical Laser Tag – April 10; 12:00
Constitution Day Themed Game Show - September 17; 12:00
Jabali African Rock Band – October 9; 12:00, Academic Center in Keene
Clearly You Crystals – October 13; 10:00am-4:00pm
Blizzard of Bucks Game Show – November; 12:00

For Questions Related to Student Senate or Student Activities contact, Randy O'Neil or Tiffany Hardy, Advisor.

Randy O'Neil, President