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Student Life

Student Senate
The purpose of the Student Senate shall be to promote and maintain the unity and general policy making authority over all student activities which are extracurricular in nature.

The Student Senate functions under an established constitution created by the student body. The Student Senate executive board includes the president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and representatives.  The Student Senate promotes student unity through creating and supporting student intererst in extra-curricular activities and affairs.  The Student Senate is responsible for coordinating student activities which include disbursement of student activity funds, allocating funds to clubs, supporting student clubs and organizations, representing the student body and acting as the liasion between students and administration, as well as  conducting student elections

Student Senate 2014-2015 Constitution
Club Request/Renewal Form
Activity Request Form
Check Request Form
Fitness Reimbursement Form
CPR Reimbursement Form

Student Clubs
There are many clubs and organizations at RVCC for students to become involved in. At RVCC students have the freedom to gather their fellow classmates and start any club of their choice after gaining approval from Student Senate.  Clubs at River Valley Community College are a great way to become involved in the college community while making friendships that last a lifetime.

Body Mechanics - PTA
Massage Therapy Club
OTA Community
Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
River Valley Wordsmiths
The Nightingales - Keene Nursing
Vital Links - Claremont Nursing

Student Activities
During the academic year, the Student Senate hosts a variety of student activites and events  that are designed to provide entertainment and resources for students. Events such as our Winter Spirit Week, End of the Year Party, Game Nights, Movie Nights, and College Trips are always well recieved by RVCC students. These activities are planned and coordinated through your Student Senate.  Students are encouraged to attend the biweekly Student Senate meetings that are held on both the Claremont  Campus and the Keene Academic Center in order to have a say in the activities and events that are happening on campus during the school year.  Emails are sent to students’ college email accounts with information about Student Senate and student activities.  






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