Business Management

Course Requirements
ID Title Class Lab Credits
Fall Semester (year 1)
ENGL102R College Composition # 3 0 3-4
Statistics I#
Functions & Modeling I




ACCT101R Accounting I 3 0 3
BCPT101R Introduction to Computer Applications 2 3 3
BUS101R Introduction to Business 3 0 3
Spring Semester (year 1)
XXXIxxxR Science Elective 3 3 4
ECOC102R Macroeconomics 3 0 3
ACCT102R Accounting II # 3 0 3
ACCT105R Spreadsheets # 2 3 3
BUS110R Principles of Management # 3 0 3
Fall Semester (year 2)
XXXXxxxR Humanities/Fine Arts/World Language Elective 3 0 3
ENGL122R Professional Communications # 3 0 3
ACCT204R Introduction to Finance # 3 0 3
BUS2xxR Business Elective 3 0 3
BUS216R Organizational Behavior 3 0 3
Spring Semester (year 2)
XXXXxxxR Liberal Arts Elective 3 0 3
ENGLxxxR English Elective # 3 0 3
BUS240R Business Law 3 0 3

Ethics & Social Responsibility

3 0 3


Business Elective

3 0 3
# - Co/prerequisites Required. See Course Descriptions.
Program of Study is subject to change.

* Student has a choice of Computerized Accounting, Accounting III, Cost Accounting or Taxes. If taking Computerized Accounting, classes are 2 hours, lab is 4 hours and total credits are 3.

Associate in Science Degree

For more information about this program, please contact Linda Richelson at or 603-542-7744 x5700. 

The Business Degree Program at River Valley Community College consists of concentrations in Business Management and Healthcare Management.  Either choice will allow the student the opportunity to enter the workforce, or continue their education and obtain a bachelor's degree or more.  Both concentrations will provide the student a strong business background with an exposure to a wide variety of general education coursework. 

Many people currently working in the field of business choose the Business Management concentration to expand their potential for growth in the business workforce.  

Graduates of the program are also prepared to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of business practices including accounting, management, and marketing, and the applications of these topics in the business environment.
  • Think critically, articulate and explain various business topics and apply these concepts to solve common business programs.
  • Communicate effectively using written, oral and nonverbal techniques, including the use of technology in the gathering and presentation of information.
  • Demonstrate their knowledge of ethics and social responsibility, and how business integrates this into their ongoing operations.

Upon completion of the concentration, the students are prepared to pursue many different business careers in a variety of industries including manufacturing, marketing and sales distribution, and service organizations. Graduates can begin careers as management trainees or assistants in a broad array of industries including banking, insurance, manufacturing and investments. Also, students, should they so desire, can transfer to a bachelor's degree program on a full or part-time basis.

The Business Degree Program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), 7007 College Boulevard, Suite 420, Overland Park, Kansas 66211; 913-339-9356, Additionally, as the program is fully accredited by ACBSP, transfers to bachelor's degree programs are available for those who seek to further their education.

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