Course Requirements
ID Title Class Lab Credits
Fall Semester       
CSCI101R Computer Architecture & Operating Systems 2 2 3
CSCI110R Introductions to Networks # 2 2 3
CSCI204R Administering Windows Servers # 2 2 3
CSCI203R Introduction to Linux 2 2 3
Spring Semester      
CSCI120R Routing & Switching Essentials # 2 2 3
CSCI212R Computer Network Security # 2 2 3

# - Co/prerequisite Required. See Course Descriptions.
Program of Study is subject to change.


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The Networking Certificate explores the integration of hardware and software in computer technology; networking.  Students who complete the course of study will gain practical skills in the development, installation, service, support and administration of computer networks and the operating systems.

The major focus is to give individuals up-to-date technical skills they can immediately apply in career employment and/or advancement.  It can also provide a basis for further academic study.  Individuals who complete the program may find employment as computer help desk or service technicians, network support or computer systems specialist, or customer support representatives.  Students may also transfer credits into the Associate Degree Networking Program.

Program Mission

To develop and train networking technology professionals who can help companies manage and protect their systems.  

Program / Student Outcomes

The proposed program will provide students with a strong foundation of understanding in networking.  Students will learn:

  • the focused discipline of networking in technology and develop a foundation of knowledge of the field
  • to write clearly and effectively for defined audiences through a variety of strategies
  • the purpose behind their field of study, how to best interact with the people in their work environment and the career path that is best aligned with their personal goals
  • how to use multiple operating systems commonly found in the technology field today
  • basic security principles for information assurance
  • the basics of descriptive and inferential statistics
  • computer networking through the introduction of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, the TCP/IP protocol suite, routing and switching protocols, Wide Area Network services, and network design & implementation
  • a programming language and be able to design and implement simple programs dealing with numerical and string processing
  • to implement, maintain and protect a Microsoft Windows Server Domain
  • to perform ordinary tasks in the Linux operating systems
  • the methods in which emerging technologies can be deployed on current and future platforms
  • how to succeed in a networking technology position through an Internship or Capstone course




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