Occupational Therapy Student Outcomes

River Valley Community College

Occupational Therapy Assistant Program

Student Outcomes upon Completion of the Program

(Adapted from the Curriculum Design Philosophy)


The curriculum is designed to educate occupational therapy assistants to have competence in the identified program goals and performance outcomes.  Upon completion of the program the graduate, within the scope of practice will:

  1. Identifies the characteristics of human beings which make them unique individuals that came from different cultural or socioeconomic backgrounds who are part and product of their environments.
  2. Demonstrates knowledge, skills and attitudes to effectively assist in the occupational therapy treatment process.
  3. Collects pertinent data regarding the client’s occupational performance in sensorimotor, cognitive integrative, cognitive, psychosocial skills and psychological components.
  4. Develops therapy plans relevant to clients occupational performance needs and rehabilitation goals.
  5. Implements therapy programs.
  6. Monitors and modifies treatment plan as needed.
  7. Assures continuity of treatment through discharge planning.
  8. Assists in the management of occupational therapy services.
  9. Demonstrates values, attitudes and behaviors congruent with the American Occupational Therapy Association Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics Accurately and respectfully uses written, verbal and non-verbal communication skills to insure understanding in the delivery of occupational therapy services.
  10. Incorporate oneself into the role of “citizen” through active involvement in community based partnerships and clinical practice.
  11. Pass the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) national competency examination at a 90% or higher level for first-time test takers.

Revised May 2016



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