Transfer Evaluation of OTA Core Courses

If a student would like to transfer courses from an ACOTE accredited college or university to the RVCC OTA program the steps below must be followed. Additionally, the student must have earned a “C” or better in the courses in which they would like to transfer to RVCC.  Only up to a total of 12 credits may be transferred from a different ACOTE accredited institution. Fieldwork including Level I, IIA, IIB may not be transferred for credit and will not be considered for transfer.  All credits are evaluated on a case by case basis.

In the event of a request for core OTA course transfer the OTA Program Director will:

  1. Requests transcripts and syllabi (for each course the student would like to transfer)
  2. Reviews the student’s transcript and reviews each syllabus for content and objectives
  3. Contact the previous program director to discuss academic performance once permission from the student is obtained
  4. Compare course competencies to RVCC courses to evaluate equitable transfer
  5. Determines that the course(s) requested for transfer will meet the learning outcomes of the OTA program, as guided by the curriculum/program of study.
  6. If during the transfer process there is a question of competency or comprehensive understanding of the core content of a core RVCC OTA course, the student will be required to take a Credit by Exam (CBE) for the core RVCC OTA course.  This credit by exam must be passed with a C or better.


Revised 2016 (jjs)


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