Respiratory Therapy Application Process

  1. Fill out the College Application (PDF file) or APPLY ONLINE.
  2. Have High Schools and College transcripts sent to the college
  3. Take the ACCUPLACER exam (you may take it at any CCSNH College that offers it. Call the specific campus for a schedule).
  4. Print the Job Shadow Experience form and call a local hospital to set up a 4 hour job shadow. Tell that that you are interested in the RT program and would like to shadow an RT to get a feel for the work.
  5. Contact the RT Program Director, Kevin Krawiec for an interview
  6. You will be notified of your admission status during the first week of July.

The Respiratory Therapy application process is competitive. Applications must be complete at the latest by June 30th of each year. The class will be chosen in 2 stages. Early completed applications will be examined and scored on  April 1st, and part of the class wil be chosen at this time. The remaining class seats will be chosen on July1st. If the class still has seats remaining, a final review of applications will take place August 1st.

Applicants must have all Developmental Courses completed or demonstrated the prerequisite knowledge for college level courses through the College’s assessment exam or college course transfers.

Points are given for: High School GPA (2.0 or higher), Home School Transcript GPA and/or GED or its equivalent in the form of a letter from the Superintendent of Schools (see table below). All High School transcripts must show successful completion of Algebra and Chemistry and/or Biology.

Points will also be given for transferable college level Math and Anatomy & Physiology I & II courses ONLY (grade of C or higher) (Transferable courses are a grade of C or higher from a regionally accredited college.) Higher grades result in higher points according to tables below. Points will not be given for other college courses.

An additional 5 points are given for current medical credentials (LNA, EMT, EMT-P, etc.) or military medical experience.

Additionally, 5 points are given for past or active military service

Note: students admitted into the RT Program must have current CPR for Health Care Providers and all immunizations completed before the start of fall classes.                                               

College Course Scoring

Grade  x  # of credits

 A   = 4 x # of credits

 A-  = 3.5 x # of credits

 B+ = 3 x # of credits

 B   = 2.5 x # of credits

 B-  = 2.0 x # of credits

 C+ = 1.5 x # of credits

 C  or less = 1 x # of credits


GPA Scoring

GED or equivalent

5 points

2.0 – 2.5

3 points

2.251 – 2.5

4 points

2.51 – 2.75

5 points

2.751 – 3.0

6 points

3.01 – 3.25

7 points

3.251 – 3.5

8 points

3.51 – 3.75

9 points

3.751 – 4.0

10 points


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