Allied Health Core Courses

AHLT102R Directed Study: Bridge from Phlebotomy to MLT - 1 Class Hour/ 2 Lab Hours / 1 Credit
This course is designed for the student who has already taken a course in phlebotomy or who has worked as a phlebotomist.  This course will provide the student with an overview and an introduction to the world of laboratory functions and procedures by supplementing the phlebotomy background with the skills necessary to meet the remaining competencies of AHLC126, Introduction to Laboratory Procedures.  Topics will include laboratory safety, measurement practices, handling and care of glassware, specimen collection and handling, the health care system, an introduction to point of care testing and basic instrumentation.  The applications of quality control, professionalism, and legal and ethical issues associated with the laboratory will be emphasized.  (Prerequisite: Permission of Program Director and Instructor and PHBC110 or equivalent or relevant experience as shown by Experiential Learning Policy (CCSNH 650.09). 

AHLT103R  Communication and Interpersonal Relationships   - 3 Credits
This course provides fundamental knowledge of effective communication techniques that are essential to developing interpersonal relationships. Content includes the communication process, levels of communication, barriers to communication, effective communication techniques, and interpersonal relationship skills.

AHLT104R  Introduction to Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy - 2 Class Hours/1 Credit
This course is designed to give the student an overview of the Occupational/Physical Therapy programs and professions. The history and development of the professions, scope of practice and roles of the health care personnel are discussed. Also reviewed will be professional competencies, role delineations of the PT, OT, PTA and OTA, review of case studies and practice models, medical abbreviations, safety issues, current issues and trends, and ethical and legal practice. (Prerequisite: Minimum Accuplacer Sentence Skills Score of 78 and Reading scores of 70 or ENGL102R or equivalent.)

AHLT106R  Introduction to Healthcare Research - 3 Class Hours/3 Credits
This course is geared for the student or health care professional who wants to become involved with healthcare research. Basic concepts are presented along with real-world examples. This course will address selected topics and statistical procedures that are common to medical research in general and specifically to allied health care. It is a goal of this course to aid the student to become an “educated consumer” of healthcare research. (Prerequisites: ACCUPLACER Sentence Score 78 (or above) and ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension Score 70 (or above), or Permission of Instructor)

AHLT112R  Clinical Conditions for Occupational/Physical Therapy - 3 Class Hours/3 Credits
Clinical disorders and diseases commonly treated by physical and occupational therapy are presented. Pathology, etiology, diagnosis, signs and symptoms and prognosis will be discussed. This course is designed to give a background on clinical conditions the PTA and OTA student will encounter during clinical education experiences/fieldwork. (Co/Prerequisites: SCI201R)

AHLT123R  Functional Kinesiology - 2 Class Hours/3 Lab Hours/3 Credits
This course is designed to give the student a basic understanding of normal human body movement as related to skeletal, articular, and muscular systems. Anatomical palpations and biochemical principles are also included. (Co/Prerequisite: SCI201R, Matriculation in OTA, PTA, Massage Therapy Programs, SCI111R for Massage therapy students, or the permission of instructor)

AHLT135R  Activities Of Daily Living - 2 Class Hours/3 Lab Hours/3 Credits
This combined occupational therapy and physical therapy course shall introduce principles and techniques of client/patient handling and activities of daily living. Students have the opportunity to experience the basics needed for moving, positioning, planning and training clients for daily living management and mobility. Basic skills required of occupational therapy assistants and physical therapist assistants (as utilized in a variety of clinical settings with client/patients from various cultural and socioeconomic background) are most effectively learned experientially. These skills provide a strong foundation for future competence in treatment planning and implementation. This course is offered early in the curriculum to introduce and focus on the individual with disabilities in society and in relation to practice. It is required for both OTA and PTA students to enhance team collaboration. (Co/Prerequisite: AHLT104R, AHLT112R (exceptions require the approval of the Professors and the Program Director))

AHLT139R  Introduction to Health Care Delivery - 3 Class Hours/3 Credits
This course is designed to introduce the learner to the United States health care delivery system. This content provides a foundation for practicing as a health care provider. Content will focus on exploring health care services, factors influencing health care delivery, financing health care, organizational structures within health care agencies, and the health care team. Emphasis will be on the role and functions of primary health care team members.

AHTC200R  Clinical Taping for the Allied Health Clinician - 2 Class Hours/1 Credit
The allied health clinician may be treating patients with ligamentous sprains and muscular or tendinous strains. Knowledge of clinical taping/wrapping for edema control and musculo-skeletal support is a useful additional skill for those interested in working with patients with orthopedic or sports medicine clinical diagnoses. This course will introduce indications, contraindications, and precautions for taping and wrapping, in addition to the necessary supplies and general considerations. The participant will learn taping and/or wrapping techniques for arch support, shin splints, ankle sprains, Achille’s tendon strains, collateral ligament sprains of the knee, various toe, patello-femoral, hip and shoulder dysfunctions, and strains to the biceps, thumb, hamstrings tendons. (Prerequisites: AHLT123R or currently licensed PT/PTA or permission of instructor.)

AHLT201R  Aquatic Therapy - 3 Lab Hours/1 Credit
This course focuses on the use of water as a therapeutic environment alternative to land based rehabilitation. Basic hydrotherapy physics, safety and rationale for aquatic therapy will be discussed. The course will also cover the fundamental techniques and the major aquatic therapy techniques commonly in use today. The student will have opportunity to practice these techniques in a pool setting, and devise a treatment plan progressing from aquatic therapy to land-based treatments. (Prerequisite: Matriculation in PTA program or currently licensed as a PT or PTA)

AHLT210R  Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy Management - 2 Class Hours/2 Credits
In interdisciplinary teams, students will employ the management process and how it relates to physical therapy and occupational therapy practice, employment acquisition, ethics, liability, and reimbursement. (Co/Prerequisite: OCTA190R or PTAC190R)

AHLT220R  Clinical Neurology - 3 Class Hours/3 Credits
Students will gain a basic understanding of the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system (with autonomic nervous system components) in regards to anatomy, neuro-development and function. The course will clarify the neural foundations for understanding human development, clinical neuropathology, neural screening/observation methods, and neuro-habilitation approaches. (Co/Prerequisites: SCI201R, SCI202R)


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