Massage Therapy

MASS101R Basic Massage Theory and Application - 2 Class Hours/ 3 Lab Hours/ 3 Credits
This course introduces the massage therapy student to the history and theory of massage. Skill development in the art and science of massage therapy is taught by lecture, demonstration, and hands-on treatment practice. The students will be working on each other under the direct supervision of a certified, licensed massage therapy instructor. The course involves learning the fundamentals of giving a full body massage. Draping techniques are covered thoroughly to ensure client comfort and modesty. Also covered will be indications and contraindications, the basic physiological effects, hygiene, professional appearance, sanitation procedures and equipment needed. NOTE: During the first month of the course of study, each student will be required to purchase a massage table and receive a full body massage by a licensed massage therapist at their own expense. (Prerequisite: SCI111R or SCI201R)

MASS121R Intermediate Massage Theory and Applications - 2 Class Hours/3 Lab Hours/3 Credits
This course is a continuation of MASS 101R Basic Massage Theory and Application. Technique and strokes are perfected and sub strokes are introduced. Also covered will be endangerment sites designing the massage and the body/mind connections. Topics to be reviewed are body mechanics movement, history, client expectations, indications and contraindications. (Prerequisites: MASS101R, SCI111R or SCI201R)

MASS126R Massage Rules and Ethics - 1 Class Hour/ 1 Credit
This course focuses upon the ethical considerations unique to the practice of massage therapy as exemplified by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards and the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Professional boundaries, dual relationships, communication skills and ethical decision are covered in this course, as well as the New Hampshire Rules governing the professional practice of massage therapy.

MASS130R Advanced Massage Theory and Applications - 2 Class Hours/3 Lab Hours/3 Credits
This course introduces the massage student to deeper strokes that include but are not limited to trigger point therapy, myofascial release, cross fiber friction, muscle energy technique and positional release technique. (Prerequisites: SCI111R or SCI201R & SCI202, MASS121R, AHLT123R)

MASS140R Massage Capstone - 2 Class Hours/3 Lab Hours/ 3 Credits
This course is designed to have students completely integrate every aspect of their prior learning into outcome based massage treatment protocols and a final cumulative project. The integration of all treatment modalities the student has studied and the skills they have acquired to date will be coupled with scholarly research and appropriate applications for specific common conditions. medical history, S.O.A.P. notes, focusing on specific problems and their treatment will be addressed. (Prerequisites: AHLT123R, SCI111R, MASS121R)

MASS193R Massage Clinical Experience I - 3 Lab Hours/ 1 Credit
During this course the student will begin to work with individual “clients” and will practice the intake process, determine if massage is appropriate and how to properly document each treatment per the NH state standards. This first clinical experience is approximately one third of the number of hours (minimum of 125) required by NH for massage licensure. The faculty advisor will assist students in the learning process and will be on duty during the course. Students will meet with the faculty supervisor as needed throughout the semester for feedback and review. (Prerequisites: SCI111R, MASS101R)

MASS194R Massage Clinical Experience II - 3 Lab Hours/ 1 Credit
This course is a continuation of Massage Clinical Experience I and the completion of at least 125 hours of massage as required by the State of New Hampshire for licensure. The student will continue to develop the competencies required by Massage Clinical Experience I and will now apply new learning to assess the needs of the client in order to develop a massage treatment that meets the unique needs of that client. (Prerequisites: SCI111R, MASS101R)

MASS195R Massage Practicum - 3 Lab Hours/ 1 Credit
This course is the capstone of the student’s clinical experience. All prior learning will be integrated to thoroughly assess client needs and design a massage treatment that is effect for each client. Hours will be performed unpaid at an approved practicum site under supervision. The student must provide transportation to their assigned site. Approved sites include, but are not limited to, clinics, spas, private practices, hospitals and medical facilities. (Prerequisites: All MASS Core Courses)


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