Medical Assistant Program

ALHT101R  Communications for the Allied Health Professional - 3 Class Hours/3 Credits
This course will develop and refine the punctuation, grammar, business writing, and effective communication skills necessary to create quality business documents and presentations. We will discuss the communication skills necessary to develop and maintain effective internal and external public relations.

ALHT102R  Medical Terminology - 3 Class Hours/3 Credits
Students entering the field of medicine as allied health professionals need a foundation in the language of medicine. This lecture course is designed to introduce the student to medical terminology. Analysis and generation of medical terms and use of prefixes, roots and suffixes will be emphasized. Definition, spelling, and pronunciation of medical terms is stressed. Medical terms built from basic word elements related to pathology, diagnosis, and treatment will be used in class and applied to body systems. Case studies are used to illustrate the use of medical terminology in medicine.

ALHT110R  Pharmacology - 3 Class Hours/3 Credits
This course is an introduction to the principles of pharmacology, focusing on the knowledge and skills required for safe and effective drug therapy. Emphasis will be placed on the following pharmacological information: sources of drugs, sources of drug information, drug legislation and standards, classification of drugs, drug action, factors that effect drug action, adverse affects of drugs, administration of drugs, record keeping, abbreviations and symbols, drug calculation and the Medical Assistant’s responsibilities in drug therapy. Specific drugs and the procedures for administering drugs will be integrated into Clinical Procedures I and II. (Co/prerequisites: ALHT102R, ALHT130R, SCI111R or SCI201R)

ALHT121R  Medical Office Practice I - 2 Class Hours/3 Lab Hours/3 Credits
This course introduces the student to and provides the student with the theory and training necessary to handle the basic manual and computerized administrative duties required for employment in today’s medical office. (Prerequisite: ALHT102R, BUS102R, BUS106)

ALHT124R  Medical Office Practice II - 2 Class Hours/3 Lab Hours/3 Credits
This course provides skill development in medical transcription, insurance claims processing, computerized medical office procedures, employment seeking skills, and keyboarding speed and accuracy development. (Prerequisite: ALHT121R)

ALHT126R  Introduction to Laboratory Procedures - 2 Class Hours/3 Lab Hours/3 Credits
This introductory course will provide the student with an overview of the world of laboratory functions and procedures. Included in this course will be issues surrounding safety, measurement practices, handling and care of glassware, specimen collection and handling, the health care system and an introduction to point of care testing. The applications of quality control, professionalism, legal and ethical issues associated with the laboratory will be emphasized throughout. (Prerequisites: Matriculation in the CLT Program, or Matriculation in the MA Program, or ALHT130R, ALHT135R or Permission of Instructor.

ALHT130R  Medical Assistant Clinical Procedures I - 3 Class Hours/3 Lab Hours/4 Credits
The first of a two-course sequence designed as an introduction to the essential knowledge and clinical skill required by the medical assistant.  Instruction in this course stresses theory, principles and skills related to medical asepsis and infection control; treatment protocols and drug and diet therapies involved in the various systems of the human body, taking medical history; vital signs and anthropometric measurements; patient preparation and assisting in physical examinations; instrumentation, sanitation, disinfection and sterilization of instruments and equipment; assisting with minor surgical procedures; administration of EKG's preparation, storage, and administration of medication; diagnostic imaging; and review of medical office emergencies including CPR and airway obstruction.  (Co/prerequisites: ALHT 102R, ALHT 110R, SCI 111R or SCI 201R; Matriculation in the Medical Assistant Program)

ALHT135R  Medical Assistant Clinical Procedures II - 3 Class Hours/3 Credits
The second of a two-course sequence is designed as a co-requisite course for the medical assistant student attending clinical affiliation.  Skills and competencies learned in Clinical Procedures I will be reinforced in order for the student to gain a higher level of proficiency and confidence in their abilities as medical assistants.  Theory content will cover anatomy and physiology, and place emphasis on specific organs and body systems and their associated illnesses and disease entities.  In addition, the physiological aspects of working with special populations will be considered.  This course stresses the disease processes, diagnostic studies, treatment protocols, and drug and diet therapies involved in the various systems of the human body.  (Co/prerequisites: ALHT102R, ALHT110R, ALHT130R, SCI111R, or SCI201R & SCI202R; Matriculation in the Medical Assistant Program)

ALHT166R Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care - 3 Class Hours/3 Credits
This course addresses the legal and ethical principles of health care provision, providing the student with an understanding of the organization of ambulatory health care, the medical-legal guidelines, patient bill of rights, documentation and office requirements. A framework is provided that enables the student to reason clearly and effectively about the ethical and legal issues involved in medical science and technology. The history and development of the health care profession, and the physician – patient relationship is stressed. Emphasis is also placed on understanding the ethical and legal environment of health care, making appropriate ethical and legal choice in practice, and developing skills necessary to promote ethical and legal leadership in a health care setting.

ALHT190RR  Medical Assistant Program Affiliation - 3 Credits
The student performs administrative and clinical skills, under the supervision of qualified staff members, in a physician's office and in a clinical laboratory as available.  During the affiliation, the student adheres to the working hours and policies of the assigned agency.  The student is not paid for this externship.  (Co/Prerequisite: ALHT110R, ALHT126R, ALHT130R, ALHT135R)


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