5:00PM- Admissions welcome, semester start, late start, online application

5:15PM-Welcome from RVCC President Alfred Williams

5:20PM-Affordability, Culture & Student Services – VPASA Jennifer Cournoyer

5:25PM- Financial Aid – Shannon Carroll, Director

5:35PM-Early Childhood Ed  & Social Services -Program Director Kerry Morris

5:45PM-Biological Science – Julie Robinson/Bridget 

5:55PM-Academic Advising/Student Life-Tara Strong

6:00PM-Admissions check in 

6:05PM-Physical Therapist Assistant – Program Director Kim Laura Boyle

6:15PM-Respiratory Therapist – Program Director Kathy Hilliard

6:25PM-Medical Lab Technician – Program Director Nancy Eckert

6:35PM-Occupational Therapy Assistant – Program Director Jen Saylor

6:45PM-Nursing – RN & LPN, what you need to do to be accepted – Nursing Admissions Specialist Kirsten Ullman

6:55PM-Admissions wraps it up