The first Thursday of every month RVCC gets an expert to provide you with a crash course in something essential to making your entrepreneurial venture thrive. You’ll learn the basics and then have plenty of time to get answers to your specific questions. All over Zoom and all in the time it takes for a long lunch. Right now, all sessions are free, so it’s the best investment you’ll ever make!

Most Mompreneurs are overwhelmed and isolated after a year of pandemic, tired of having to solve all your problems on your own, and eager to have a group of encouraging and savvy business owner friends. That’s why we launching a Like a Boss Mastermind Group just for Mompreneurs. 

What’s a Mastermind Group? It is a facilitated group of business owners with the same challenges who come together regularly to help each other achieve success. At a Mastermind Group, you’ll have a laugh, get a solution to your most pressing business problem, and find a friend all in one long lunch hour a month.

Think you might be interested? Contact Alison Chisolm to find out more:

Presented in partnership with Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship.