Lunchtime workshops to help you conquer the apps you use everyday. Free but you must register.


 Video Conferencing with Sue Cagle | Tuesday, February 16 | 12p – 1.30p | REGISTER HERE

Video Conferencing has been our primary method of communication this last year, and how many times have you gotten stumped mid-call to share your screen, enable a wait room or change the host? In our first Lunch and Learn installment, Sue Cagle from UNH Extension steers us through the ins and outs of Zoom, Go-To, Skype and Teams. Sue will be on hand to answer your questions and provide some neat tips and tricks to enhance your video-conferencing skills! REGISTER HERE


Excel with Britta Hallberg | Wednesday, February 17 | 12p -1.30p | REGISTER HERE

Everyone knows Excel is a powerful program- from lists, formulas, charts and graphs; excel can run the world. In the second installment of our Entreprenuership Lunch and Learn series, Britta Hallberg from GRDC helps users format your spreadsheet for printing (and save paper), change a cell type, filter, and some handy formulas to keep in your back pocket. REGISTER HERE


Word with Alison Chisolm | Thursday, February 18 | 12p-1.30p | REGISTER HERE

How long has it been since you explored Microsoft Word and all of it’s features? Can you insert an image? What about a table? And don’t even get us started on Mail Merges! In the third installment of our Entrepreneurship Lunch and Learn series, Alison Chisolm from RVCC covers tips like: how to set up your default format for documents to support your brand, how to cut, copy, and paste like a boss, how to use free online templates to make letterhead, labels, resumes, and newsletters, and how to save your document as a PDF, so formatting is preserved and it can be easily shared via email. REGISTER HERE


Power Point with Hailey Crowell | Friday, February 19 | 12p-1.30p | REGISTER HERE

Transitions, animations, rehearse, record… much has PowerPoint changed since you took it in high school? Have a report due for your boss, why not wow them by combining your data and analysis into one, polished presentation? In this final installment of our Entreprenuership Lunch and Learn series, Hailey Crowell from GRDC will give you the tools you need to take your work to the next level to get that promotion, client, or loan! REGISTER HERE

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