• IMPORTANT: If you are ordered to active duty or deployed, please let this office know ASAP. Also, if you change your major or increase / decrease your credit hours, be sure to let this office know (notifying through the VA by yourself on the WAVE alone is not sufficient for the VA, our offices must also certify your changes to the VA). Your VA benefits are depending on it!

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  • I authorize the information furnished on this form to be released to the VA, National Guard, or funding agency. I authorize RVCC to submit to the VA, any changes that may occur which affect my benefit payments and to share academic information as requested by the VA on my behalf. I further agree that RVCC may share my information with the VA, National Guard, or Funding Agency to include: Social Security Number, Address, Grades, academic information and rate of academic progress. By signing this form, I have read, understand, and agree to the terms.
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  • If you have questions, please feel free to visit our office, call or email. We will be happy to assist you. Thank you for all you do for US!