is an incubator designed to nurture local businesses.  

If you are someone who has a local business that is in the early years or in a period of transition and you want help surviving and growing during this vulnerable time, then is for YOU! The goal of the program is to help you learn and grow your business in a supportive community. The program consists of four key elements, each designed to support your success: 1:1 business advising, peer-to-peer support and accountability, opportunities for networking and learning, and co-working space. 

You will be matched with a business advisor from the SBDC who will meet with you at least monthly for a business review and strategy session to plot what you need to do next to make your business grow.

You will participate in a monthly Like a Boss Mastermind group facilitated by the program director, where you will get support and accountability from the others participating THEbusinessLAB programs at River Valley Community College. No one understands your triumphs and challenges better than another entrepreneur.

Each quarter, there are “intensive” workshops offered in the core four of business success; leadership, finance, operation, marketing & sales. There are also regularly scheduled networking events (both virtual and in person, when possible). You may attend any of these “intensives” and any scheduled networking events for free. 




You will have access to co-working space at our Lebanon Academic Center. The co-working space is a “hot desk” model, where you may use any available desk or table in THEbusinessLAB during regular business hours. You will have access to free wifi and free printing and will also have the ability to book our conference rooms, classrooms, and lecture hall  when they are not in use by the academic programs. You will also have access to a variety of services offered to the RVCC community, such as borrowing privileges from our library, which has a large collection of resources for entrepreneurs (and families!). is open and accepting applications!

The cost of participation in is $300 per quarter (3 months). You may renew your participation in the incubator for up to three years. Thanks to the generous support of the CDBG-Micro program administered by the NH CDFA, scholarships for low-moderate income entrepreneurs are available. 

Download your program application here and your scholarship application here

Questions? For more information, contact Alison Chisolm, program director at