Curricular changes at River Valley Community College are made through a formal request process as governed by CCSNH policies.  If you are a Program Director looking to make a change, please follow this process:

What kind of change are you making?

Internal Changes

(Require College Leadership Approval)

  • Proposing a new course
  • Eliminating a course
  • Changing a course description
  • Changing the name of a course
  • Changing the hours in a course
  • Changing course content
  • Changing pre-requisites for a course
  • Changing the learning outcomes of a course
  • Changing the course sequence in a program 

External Changes

(Require CCSNH Leadership Approval)

  • Changing the name of a program
  • Changing the number of credits in a program
  • Proposing a new certificate
  • Proposing a new degree
  • Eliminating a certificate
  • Eliminating a degree

of our Students Receive Financial Aid

Dr. Kim-Laura Boyle, Chair
Jessica Horton, Chair-Elect
Shannon Carroll
Jillian Davis
Suzanne Groenewold
Sarah Hebert
Nickole Milo
Heather Newfield
Eric Sutphin

September 28, 2022  –documentation due 9/14/22
October 26, 2022  –documentation due 10/12/22
November 23, 2022   –documentation due 11/9/22
December 21, 2022 (emergency meeting only)  –documentation due 12/7/22
January 25, 2023  –documentation due 1/11/23
February 22, 2023  –documentation due 2/8/23
March 22, 2023  –documentation due 3/8/23
April 26, 2023  –documentation due 4/12/23
May 24, 2023 (emergency meeting only)  –documentation due 5/10/23