Fall 2017 President's and Vice President's List

Claremont, NH – At River Valley Community College academic honors are awarded to students with a grade point average of 3.00 and up for Vice President’s List and 3.70 and up for President’s List.  The following are President’s and Vice President’s Lists honorees based on all courses taken at RVCC for the fall 2017 semester.  
PRESIDENT'S LIST: The following full-time, matriculated students in good standing with a grade point average of at least 3.70 are entitled to honors on the President’s List:
Garrett Albano, Enfield, NH
Amy Alexander, Lebanon, NH
Shyann Arpaia, Plainfield, NH
Heather Banks, Lebanon, NH
Shawn Barlow, Cornish, NH
Kayci Bayerle, White River Jct, VT
Naomi Beaudry, Charlestown, NH
Michael Blood, Keene, NH
Conor Brow, Roxbury, NH
Diane Cammarata, Lebanon, NH
Daniel Carney-Olmstead, Keene, NH
Tiffany Chou, Lebanon, NH
Melissa Clark, Gilsum, NH
Sarah Cornell, Lyndonville, VT
Maygan Daly, Springfield, VT
Benjamin Drye, Plainfield, NH
Ernest Dwyer, Claremont, NH
Kristen Evans, Nashua, NH
Kourtne Flanders, Winchester, NH
Cody Fox, Enfield, NH
Stuart Gannon, Enfield, NH
Michael Golec, Charlestown, NH
Anna Harper, White River Jct, VT
Patricia Harrington, Washington, NH
Cynthia Hooper, Keene, NH
Sahara Labadie, Sullivan, NH
Benjamin Langlois, Keene, NH
Jennifer Long, Washington, NH
Todd Macomber, Sunapee, NH
Logan Martin, Enfield, NH
Ashley McEwan, Lebanon, NH
Teagan Michaud, Cornish, NH
Kathryn Mothersele, Grantham, NH
Bryan Muenzer, Sunapee, NH
Scott Perry, Alstead, NH
Amanda Potter, Lebanon, NH
Betsy Renauld, Meredith, NH
Patrick Robertson, Newport, NH
Abigail Ross, Elkins, NH
Trisha Schuman, Keene, NH
Jaclyn Scott, Keene, NH
Hannah Shores, Dublin, NH
Tyler Shull, Claremont, NH
Alexis Steel, Lebanon, NH
Julia Swett, Greenville, NH
Lindsay Timpson, Keene, NH
Kayla Truman, Richmond, NH
Kenneth Turner, Weare, NH
Taryn Wentzell, Newport, NH
Kimberly Wilder, Winchester, NH
Ann Wise, White River Jct, VT
Sadie Wyman, Keene, NH
Sapna Young, Nashua, NH
VICE PRESIDENT'S LIST: The following full-time, matriculated students in good standing earning a grade point average of 3.00 to 3.69 are entitled to honors on the Vice President’s List:
Krystle Barton, Grantham, NH
Travis Barton, Grantham, NH
Andrew Beliveau, Claremont, NH
Lindsey Best, Charlestown, NH
Lases Bingham, Enfield, NH
Matthew Blanchard, Claremont, NH
Shamelle Blewitt, Claremont, NH
Ashley Bossie, Thornton, NH
Kelsey Breen, Cornish, NH
Nora Brow, Roxbury, NH
Miriam Caveney, Canaan, NH
Shelby Chandler, Keene, NH
Matthew Collier, Claremont, NH
Andrew Comte, Nottingham, NH
Amanda Durgin, Keene, NH
Tori Erunski, Keene, NH
Kiahna Estes, Canaan, NH
Andrea Ferland, Claremont, NH
Stefanie Gibson, Lebanon, NH
Eric Gourdeau, Pittsfield, NH
Grace Hackler, Keene, NH
Nicole Henry, Concord, NH
Alan Hicking, Claremont, NH
Megan Horn, Meriden, NH
Bhavna Kaushik, West Lebanon, NH
Chelsea Kelly, Charlestown, NH
Katharine Kessler, Newport, NH
Nicole Kulbacki, Bradford, NH
Alyssa Lamott, Claremont, NH
Gretchen Lauer, Richmond, NH
Kimberly Lefevre, Thetford Center, VT
Michelle Leh, Montague, MA
Cheryl Lehneman, Gilford, NH
Callan Livingstone, Newport, NH
Donna Longo, Jaffrey, NH
Brennan Lundell, Peterborough, NH
Bailey Marrotte, Swanzey, NH
Kevin Marshall, Lebanon, NH
Samantha Maurer, Keene, NH
Victoria McIntosh, Keene, NH
Erin McKane, Nelson, NH
Emily Mecheski, Troy, NH
Thomas Merullo, South Sutton, NH
Jennifer Miller, Claremont, NH
Jessica Morin-Wright, Claremont, NH
Shaughn Nalezinski, Manchester, NH
Ashley O'Keefe, Grantham, NH
Allen OMeara, Keene, NH
Kristepher Peterson, West Swanzey, NH
Megan Petrowicz, Hinsdale, NH
Jordan Place, Lincoln, NH
Robert Premo, Newport, NH
Kayla Ramsay, Bethlehem, NH
Kelsey Robinson, Charlestown, NH
Katherine Rodrigues, Marlow, NH
Paul Ruscak, Newport, NH
Emma Shea, Claremont, NH
Brandon Sheldrick, Walpole, NH
Aaron Shields, Keene, NH
Raylene Sperling, Keene, NH
Megan Spiltoir, Walpole, NH
Grayson Staggs, Claremont, NH
Alexa Swift, Lebanon, NH
Melanie VanVelsor, Langdon, NH
Travis Vicary, Lebanon, NH
Brianna Willis, Turners Falls, MA
Katherine Wood, Keene, NH
River Valley Community College is one of seven colleges in the Community College System of New Hampshire, offering over 25 associate degree and certificate programs in Claremont, Keene, Lebanon, and Online. RVCC is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges’ Commission on Institutions of Higher Education.  Financial Aid and Scholarships are available.  Visit www.rivervalley.edu to learn more.


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