Nursing Department 100% Pass Rate

Nursing Perfection: River Valley Community College Nursing Students have 100 percent Pass Rate for National Nursing Exam

Claremont, NH - All of the nursing students from River Valley Community College who took the NCLEX-RN this year, or the National Council Licensure Examination to become registered nurses, have passed on the first attempt, earning the college a 100 percent pass rate. Currently, the national NCLEX-RN average pass rate is 75.88 percent, and the rate for New Hampshire colleges and universities overall is 80.58 percent.

The Nursing Program at River Valley Community College offers a hands on and state of the art approach to teaching nursing. Students train on the only neonatal simulation lab in the state of New Hampshire, and a full family of simulation mannequins, enabling students to experience clinical situations and apply their training as soon as they step foot in the classroom. “We simulate everyday situations faced by nurses in hospital settings, from deliberate and routine practices to high stress emergency situations,” said Denise Ruby, River Valley’s department chair for nursing. “Faculty create simulations that prepare students for any situation they may come across,” Ruby said. “The needs of our simulated patients evolve over the course of the four semesters.  Our ability to adapt in the simulated clinical environment helps us to create experts in nursing care.”

Students learn interdisciplinary skills in the simulation labs by collaborating with other students to create the best plan for the “patient” based on the story created by the professor. “The things that “SimMan” can do are pretty incredible,” said Lyrick Merlin, a senior in the nursing program. “Having these simulated clinical experiences early on in the program builds confidence.  And the nursing faculty are ultra-supportive.”

At the end of the year, the nursing students, respiratory therapy students, physical therapy aid and occupational therapy aid students perform case studies together to simulate a medical setting with cross-specialty issues, ethical dilemmas, emergencies and everyday problems. “Students experience the teamwork, collaboration and communication that’s required to keep patients safe,” said Ruby.

The simulation suite was funded through the State capital budget, developed biennially by the NH legislature.  State Representative John Cloutier of Claremont helped to ensure that funding for River Valley’s simulation mannequins was included in a recent capital budget. “I am delighted to see that this technology has helped River Valley nursing students to a 100 percent pass rate on their licensing exams, well over the state and national average,” said Cloutier.  “With the need for healthcare professionals growing in our region and the state, this type of equipment helps to build a highly effective program for students, their eventual employers, and of course the patients they will care for.” 

Student’s progress from simulated settings into the actual clinical care settings that comprise the second half of their hands-on experience in the two-year program.  The availability of simulation experience right at the college helps students build manageable on-campus schedules which helps them progress through the program. 

“I am very proud of the program our nursing faculty have created, and of the students who have performed so well and are well-prepared to move into the workforce,” said Alfred Williams IV, newly-appointed president of River Valley Community College.  Williams noted that graduates can also opt to continue their nursing education beyond the RN level, having been well-prepared at River Valley.  “River Valley provides exceptional opportunities for students to progress and excel, and this 100 percent pass rate certainly reflects the quality experience they receive here at the college.” 

Left to Right: Ken Czechowicz, Director of Clinical Education, Respiratory; Tammy George, Nursing Student; Alfred Williams, President; Kim Nason, Nursing Student; Denise Ruby, Department Chair of Nursing. Tammy George shows President Williams medical techniques learned at her time spent at River Valley Community College.

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