Spring 2017 President's and Vice President's List

Claremont, NH – At River Valley Community College academic honors are awarded to students with a grade point average of 3.00 and up for Vice President’s List and 3.70 and up for President’s List.  The following are President’s and Vice President’s Lists honorees based on all courses taken at RVCC for the spring 2017 semester.  
PRESIDENT'S LIST: The following full-time, matriculated students in good standing with a grade point average of at least 3.70 are entitled to honors on the President’s List:
Neil Edward Abella, St Johnsbury, VT
Shannon Ahmed, Lebanon, NH
Garrett Albano, Enfield, NH
Cathi Bills, Winchester, NH
Jessica Boulay, Farmington, NH
Felicia Brooks, Sullivan, NH
Seth Brown, Barre, VT
Christine Caldwell, Fayetteville, NC
Diane Cammarata, Lebanon, NH
Daniel Carney-Olmstead, Keene, NH
Janie Castillo, Cuttingsville, VT
Miriam Caveney, Canaan, NH
Lania Chapin, Claremont, NH
Scott Chausee, Washington, NH
Heidi Chester, Lancaster, NH
Carrie Clabaugh, Bethel, VT
Tyler Conlan, Keene, NH
Hannah Cornell, Lyndonville, VT
Kelsey Curtis, Sunapee, NH
Travis Drewing, Claremont, NH
Benjamin Drye, Plainfield, NH
Marcia Emery, Andover, NH
Kristen Evans, Nashua, NH
Virginia Fennell, Peterborough, NH
Stuart Gannon, Enfield, NH
Cassia Gilbert, W Lebanon, NH
Kayla Goodnow, Marlborough, NH
Laura Hansen, Troy, NH
Arianna Harris, New Boston, NH
Heather Hill, Jaffrey, NH
Cynthia Hooper, Keene, NH
Donna Kendall, Windsor, VT
Anastassia Kozak, Goshen, NH
Sahara Labadie, Sullivan, NH
Amanda Langer, Wolfeboro, NH
Laura Laskevich, Springfield, VT
Lauren Libberton, Jaffrey, NH
Jennifer Long, Washington, NH
Benjamin Mackey, Keene, NH
Todd Macomber, Sunapee, NH
Corynn Marrotte, Peterborough, NH
Amanda Mas, Hillsboro, NH
Joshua Maynard, Enfield, NH
Teagan Michaud, Cornish, NH
Amy Nowill, Keene, NH
LeeAn Perry, Litchfield, NH
Scott Perry, Alstead, NH
Tammie Putnam, Walpole, NH
Kerri Quick, Claremont, NH
Nicholas Riel, Lempster, NH
Abigail Ross, Elkins, NH
Colleen Ross, Keene, NH
Jessica Roy, Concord, NH
Adrienne Scadova, Troy, NH
Trisha Schuman, Keene, NH
Jaclyn Seagren, Keene, NH
Bonnie Shinn, Claremont, NH
Alissa Simino, Lebanon, NH
Kelly Small, Webster, NH
Kelly St. Onge, Dunbarton, NH
Bonnie Stearman, Claremont, NH
Nicole Streeter, Fitzwilliam, NH
Morgan Tracy, Sharon, VT
Kenneth Turner, Weare, NH
Vera Vaitones, Derry, NH
Elizabeth Valcourt, Grantham, NH
Travis Vicary, Lebanon, NH
Anna Wardner, Claremont, NH
Page Warner, Claremont, NH
Jennifer Williams, Claremont, NH
Jeanne Wolhandler, Swanzey, NH
Heidi Wollschlager, Marlow, NH
Sapna Young, Nashua, NH
VICE PRESIDENT'S LIST: The following full-time, matriculated students in good standing earning a grade point average of 3.00 to 3.69 are entitled to honors on the Vice President’s List:
Sabrina Adams, Westmoreland, NH
Joshua Aldrich, Keene, NH
Andrian Baker, Newport, NH
Christina Bates, Claremont, NH
Naomi Beaudry, Charlestown, NH
Lases Bingham, Enfield, NH
Eliza Budhathoki, Claremont, NH
Brittany Cauthen, Springfield, VT
Shelby Chandler, Keene, NH
Kristen Charrier, Springfield, VT
Maygan Daly, Springfield, VT
Jillian Dion, Plainfield, NH
Andrea Ferland, Claremont, NH
Alison Fielder, Lebanon, NH
Cody Fox, Enfield, NH
Courtney Frazier, Troy, NH
Ramon Greene, Goshen, NH
Cierra Henn, Lowell, VT
Emily Herschel, Springfield, VT
Nicole Hutchins, Nelson, NH
Courtney Johnson, Hinsdale, NH
Amber Kennett, Claremont, NH
Heathyr Labonte, Claremont, NH
Joshua Labrecque, Keene, NH
Katelynne Lafrance, Stockbridge, VT
Ben Langlois, Keene, NH
Skyler Main, Marlborough, NH
Amanda Martel, Walpole, NH
Stephanie McConnell, Claremont, NH
Erin McMahon, Boscawen, NH
Elizabeth Mooers, W Chesterfield, NH
Brendan O'Donnell, Meriden, NH
Jenna Ostrowski, Charlestown, NH
Alisha Packard, Walpole, NH
Alyssa Perley, Keene, NH
Paul Ruscak, Newport, NH
Angela Russell, Charlestown, NH
Jessica Russell, Newport, NH
Kayla Sanville, Derby, VT
Emily Saypack, Springfield, VT
Evan Scott, Westmoreland, NH
Hannah Shores, Dublin, NH
Cole Stetson, Newport, NH
Easton Thorpe, Springfield, VT
Kimberly Tubbs, Greenfield, MA
Wallace Wall, Springfield, VT
Megan Wallace, Hanover, NH
Morgan Ward, Claremont, NH
Sarah Woodman, Keene, NH
River Valley Community College is one of seven colleges in the Community College System of New Hampshire, offering thirty-five associate degree and certificate programs in Claremont, Keene, Lebanon, and Online. RVCC is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges’ Commission on Institutions of Higher Education.  Financial Aid and Scholarships are available.  Visit www.rivervalley.edu to learn more.


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