Summer 2017 Bookstore Vouchers

The Financial Aid Awarding packet included our Student Title IV Authorization Form which incorporated a section regarding Book Authorization.
If your financial aid is complete, you may elect to use your remaining Title IV funds to purchase or rent books and course-related materials from the campus bookstore. 
If you select YES for this Authorization, the Book Advance will automatically be set up for you at the campus book store. Confirmation of the Book Advance and spending limit may be found on your SIS account. You must show your RVCC ID (or a government-issued photo ID) a copy of your Student Detail Schedule, OR Follett’s Shopping Cart printout, at the bookstore when making your purchase.  If you wish to submit your book order in advance, please scan and email it (Student Detail Schedule, or Follett Shopping Cart) to:
Your Book Advance may only be used during the Book Advance period, usually two weeks prior and three weeks following the beginning of each semester. The amount of your book(s) and/or course-related materials will be charged to your student account. Your remaining Title IV credit balance will be applied to these charges.
Below is the criteria to qualify using RVCC’s Financial Aid Book Authorization form:
  1. Be a financial aid recipient.
  2. Have signed (hard copy or online) your Financial Aid Award Notification letter and returned it to the Financial Aid Office along with RVCC’s Deferment Agreement form.
  3. Have completed your Entrance Counseling and completed/signed your Master Promissory Note.
  4. Completed and signed your Student Title IV Authorization Form
  5. If you do NOT wish to use your financial aid award money refund, you may purchase books at any time as an out-of-pocket expense.
  6. You will need to present to the Bookstore Staff your RVCC Photo ID, your student Detail Schedule (with the course number and the section code for each course.)  To obtain this information go to the Student Information System (SIS) located on the College’s main web page under Student Services, or Follett Shopping Cart. 
NOTE:  Should you request to have your books shipped you must have signed your Financial Aid Authorization Form for a Book Advance Release. To order your books from the bookstore (located on RVCC’s main web page under Student Services), look-up your textbooks using your course schedule( not crns but course codes. EX. ENGL 101R CD), place items in cart, open your cart, right click on page & “save as” whatever you wish to name it, email the bookstore at ,include your name, student ID#(begins with letter A) and supply the mailing address you wish your books sent – Federal Express cannot deliver to P.O. Boxes.  You will incur a $7.50 shipping fee.  Please make sure to “F/A Textbook Order” in the subject line of the email. 


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