Campus Policies

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Children And Other Visitors To Classes
Students are not allowed to bring children or friends to classes. Visitors to classes must be granted prior permission by the instructor involved. Students are reminded that children should not be left unsupervised. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children.

A personal message cannot be delivered to a student in class except in the case of extreme emergency.

Posters, Signs and Notices
All posters, signs and notices should be legible and receive prior approval from the Student Affairs Office or club/organization advisor before posting on appropriate bulletin boards.

Use of College Name
No student, group of students, club, or any organization may use the name of the College in any form of printing, including letterheads, or any form of publicity without obtaining written permission from the Vice President of Student Affairs. All publicity should be cleared through the Vice President of Student Affairs or his/her designee.

All offices, classrooms and labs are equipped with telephones accessible to 911.  Use these telephones in the event of an emergency.  Emergency instructions and phone number listings are posted at every telephone. 

Safety and Fire Regulations
In all science and mechanics laboratories where eye injuries might occur, proper safety glasses must by worn at all times. Safety must be kept in mind. In the event of an accident, the office must be notified immediately by the intercommunication system. If accidents do occur, an accident form must be completed.

Fire drills will be held from time to time, and students should become familiar with procedures for evacuating the building. Fire alarm pull boxes are located near each exit and other locations throughout the college buildings. When discovering a fire:

  1. Immediately pull a fire alarm box
  2. Notify the Student Affairs Office as to the location of the fire

When the fire alarm sounds:

  1. Students should secure all machinery, turn off power and gas.
  2. Leave the room and proceed promptly but calmly out of the building via the nearest exit.
  3. The instructor will be the last person to leave the room.

Fire and safety rules are posted in each shop and laboratory. Become familiar with them.

Campus Security

Students need to report emergencies, crimes or acts of violation of rules, regulations or laws to the Student Affairs Office. An incident report must be completed by the student regarding any emergency, crime or violation of law occurring on campus.

Annually, through a campus safety and security brochure, the student handbook, and other college publications and resources, the Division of Student Affairs distributes information regarding crime prevention tips and existing counseling, mental health, and other services to students, both on campus and within the local community. All students are urged to report any crime occurring on campus property, non-campus property and public property (as defined in the that is immediately adjacent to or on campus property

Students will have access to campus buildings during regularly scheduled hours while classes are in session. Maintenance staff routinely inspect campus grounds and facilities for possible security concerns.

Students and employees of the College are encouraged to be responsible for their security and contact Brian Hughes, Chief Security Officer, with any concerns. He can be reached at 542-7744 x5420 or The security office is located in room 11 at the Claremont Campus.

Reporting a Crime or Incident

An incident report must be completed by the student regarding any emergency, crime or violation of law occurring on campus. To report a crime or incident, use our Campus Incident Report Form. For students and community members the login informations is:

Username: RVCCreport

Password: students

To report any vehicle accident that occurred on Campus property or an off-campus involving a college owned vehicle, use our Vehicle Accident Report Form.

Student Property - Lost and Found

The College is not responsible for property left by students who have graduated or left the College. Lost and found items should be brought to the one stop desk. After 30 days, property will be removed from the College.


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