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If you need IT assistance, please complete an IT ticket:
If you are a STUDENT:
Go to - – log in using your easy login credentials.  Then choose IT RVCC.
Log into my CCSNH, – click on IT Support and log into the helpdesk -  Then choose River Valley Community College - IT.
If you have an open IT ticket that has not been resolved, please resubmit your IT ticket, to IT RVCC.

Campus computer & Internet access

Personal Computers
Personal computers are available on a scheduled basis for general student use. River Valley Community College expects responsible use of the computer facilities and that students adhere to the Computer Code of Ethics. No student is allowed to install any software on college computers.

Internet Access
Students may access the Internet through computers throughout the campus. Further information regarding internet access may be found in additional materials or through training sessions available from the campus Internet Coordinator. The Community College System Computer Services Department reserves the right to monitor and restrict user activity on the network. Failure to comply with policies will result in a loss of account privileges. Student must comply with all computer policies and the Computer Code of Ethics.

Wireless Internet Access
To access the wireless internet on the Claremont campus and Keene Academic Center choose RVCC on your Wi-Fi. The user id is 'rivervalley' and the password is 'academic'.

Student Computer Conduct Code
Any student using any College owned computer, printer, scanning, network or related equipment must follow the following Computer Conduct Code. A student who violates any of the following policies or is deemed to be misusing computer equipment or lab, will be referred to the Student Judicial System and/or VP of Academic Affairs for disciplinary action.

  • No student will reprogram, reconfigure, install or change any software or configuration that is installed on any of the College computers or computer system without written approval from their instructor or the Network Administrator.
  • No student will connect, disconnect or alter in any form how a computer or related equipment is cabled or connected to the College network system without written approval from their Instructor or the Network Administrator.
  • No student will copy or download any computer program or software that is licensed to the College or use College computer equipment or network to copy or download any program or software or materials that they do not have the legal right to copy.
  • No student will use any College computer or network to engage in any illegal activity to include but not limited to: engage in an illegal act, make threats or harass individuals or misrepresent themselves to others.
  • No student will access or display any pornographic materials on any College computer or network equipment.
  • No student will bring any food or drink into a College computer lab including classrooms or libraries where computers are located.
  • No student will use any College computer or network equipment to run his/her own business

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