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CNC Machine Operator Skills Through Apprenticeship Retraining (STAR) Program Overview

The CNC Machine Operator STAR Program combines an intense education program that readies an individual for employment along with a Vermont and New Hampshire state-registered apprenticeship program. This unique model addresses the education and training needs of a potential employee and an employer’s need for assurance of productivity before hiring an inexperienced worker. The CNC Machine Operator STAR program is based on Vermont HITEC’s ITAR program which has a demonstrated success in retraining and reemploying dislocated professionals, specifically in the areas of technical jobs. It also has demonstrated success in educating and employing individuals who have the aptitude, but no prior experience in a technical field.

The STAR program begins with a nine-week, forty hours per week, total immersion education program delivered by River Valley Community College (RVCC). Successful completion of the nine week course-work will result in earning an Advanced Machine Tool Technology Certificate from RVCC and 28 credits towards an Associate Degree. Participants also agree to participate in a two year US Department of Labor apprenticeship program resulting in a US/DOL Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship as a CNC Machine Operator. Due to the apprenticeship requirement participants must be employees of employers willing to sponsor their attendance in the STAR coursework and the follow-on US-DOL apprenticeship portion.

Time and Location of Offerings
The STAR program is not offered on a regular schedule or school calendar. Since participants of the STAR RVCC coursework must also participate in a two year US-DOL apprenticeship, STAR programs are only run at times and locations where demand and sponsorship from Vermont and New Hampshire businesses exist.

The RVCC coursework is delivered via a modern “mobile” classroom and lab. The classroom consists of computer stations for each student, a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) lathe, and a CNC mill. The lab consists of manual lathes and mills for understanding the fundamentals of machining.

When new offerings with openings for prospective students are scheduled, RVCC will notify anyone who has applied to the program on-line through the RVCC web site, and will announce the program to the general public through various media covering the location of the scheduled STAR program. The announcements will inform prospective students of:

· The dates and locations for each step of the application and selection process
· The dates and location for the nine-week RVCC coursework
· An explanation of the selection/acceptance process

All applicants must be 18 years of age or older, and have a valid high school diploma or GED.
There is a clear four stage selection process for applicants for open positions with Hypertherm.  The four stages will be explained in detail at the Career Awareness Fair on February 18th and February 20th.  

1. Attend the mandatory program overview
2. Attend the assessment session to complete a set of aptitude assessments
3. For those who meet the minimum aptitude assessment scores, they will participate in an initial round of interviews.
4. Final candidates will be interviewed by sponsoring employers. Upon completion of these interviews the sponsoring employers will select the applicants they would like to hire and sponsor in the STAR program. If none of the candidates meet the employer’s hiring standards, the sponsoring employer is not obligated to sponsor a candidate for the STAR program. Final admission would be dependent on the selected applicants successfully meeting their sponsoring employer’s hiring and pre-employment requirements and screenings.

Advanced Machine Tool Technology (Level 1 - Certificate). All courses are completed during the nine-week RVCC total immersion program (40 hours per week).

Course                                                                                                        Credits
MTTC 101      CNC I – G & M Code Programming                                     3
MTTC 102      Blueprint Reading with GD & T                                            3
MTTC 104      Machine Tool Math                                                                3
MTTC 105      Introduction to Inspection                                                      3
MTTC 106      Machining Processes I                                                         4
MTTC 205      Advanced Inspection and Lean Manufacturing                    3
MTTC 208      Introduction to Apprenticeship                                              3         
MTTC 108      Applied Machining Practices I                                              6

                                                                                                              Total Credits 28

All graduates of the nine-week education program will be awarded 28 credits towards an Associate Degree in General Studies from RVCC, as well as a Certificate of Completion in Advanced Machine Tool Technology.

NOTE: Students must complete all nine-weeks of coursework. Because this is a highly integrated, full-time program, prior experience or machine tool education cannot be applied as a substitute for any of the courses. Descriptions for all courses can be found in the River Valley Community College’s catalog.

Course Schedule
The STAR program coursework is a 40 hour per week (Monday – Friday) program for nine full weeks. Holidays are determined by the sponsoring employers and are announced at the beginning of the program. Hours are typically 7:30AM – 3:30PM, or 8:30AM to 4:30PM.

All instructors are fully qualified to educate the students in the competencies required for successful completion of the STAR Advanced Machine Tool Technology Program.

All participating students are hired or employed by one of the sponsoring employers prior to the start of the program. Since the STAR coursework is followed by a required apprenticeship program, all students must be employed by a company that commits to sponsoring the student in the coursework and the following apprenticeship.

Tuition Funding and Refunds
For those accepted into the program all tuition, materials, books, and fees are paid for by US-DOL grant or other grants. Since tuition is paid for, there is no need for financial aid, and no refund for early withdrawal from the program.

Student Records and Credit Transfer
River Valley Community College and the Community College System of New Hampshire will maintain the transcripts and grades for each student. Credits earned through this program at RVCC are transferable to another school only at the discretion of the receiving school.

RVCC has a $5 million dollar funded H1B Technical Skills Training grant from the Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration.  This is an Equal Employment Opportunity Program; Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

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