BUS242R : Ethics and Social Responsibility in Business

Ethics and Social Responsibility in Business will provide the student with opportunities to examine the meaning of business ethics and social responsibility of business considering the numerous high-profile challenges that managers have faced in the past several years. We will focus on ethical leadership and the management of conflicting values confronting business leaders daily, as well as the more global issue of balancing principles of good business with principles of ethical behavior. This course in applied ethical leadership will aid the student in understanding the ethical conflicts the student is likely to confront both in the business world and in their communities and will guide the student in developing a foundation of their own managerial ethical system. Through directed readings, analysis, and discussion board conversation, we will explore the meaning of socially responsible leadership, the various conflicting sets of values managers face in an increasingly global and diverse business context, and the way companies manage their ethical obligations and responsibilities. The student will also participate in a final project that will permit you to combine the theories learned in class with your personal skills.






Lecture Hours