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Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts at River Valley caters to each students’ passions to help them succeed in a career or in their next academic step. This degree is designed to be your first step to a bachelor’s degree, with partnerships throughout New Hampshire. Liberal Arts at RVCC is an affordable and transferrable degree that puts you in the driver’s seat!


Know the numbers and get ahead! Accounting allows you to gain marketable skills for the business world. Start your career in Accounting, Bookkeeping and Business with a degree or certificate in Accounting. Students often start their education with River Valley for the first two years and then transfer to a four year college or university and earn a bachelors’ degree.

Information Technology

Be an integral part of a company’s computer technology team. Learn to troubleshoot and become proficient in performance aspects of multiple operating systems. We’ll cover the basic aspects of web development, computer networking, how to create and use relational databases, how to administer and maintain servers, and how to deploy emerging technology on various platforms.

Criminal Justice

Searching for a challenging career that will use your leadership skills, physical stamina and empathy? Graduates from River Valley Community College’s Criminal Justice Associate in Science program are employed as police officers, working as correctional officers, completing four year undergraduate degrees, serving as active military or employed in other key local justice support roles.

Stop by and learn about career and transfer options, free tutoring, computers, and free counseling.

Every student has access to free food on campus from snacks to meals.

Free bus passes for all students from campus help you get where you need to go.

Our online and on-site resources are designed to help you succeed.

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River Valley Community College
River Valley Community College1 year ago

In this short course in business law, small business owners and entrepreneurs will learn about such issues as: proper entity selection, business tax basics, employment law, contract issues, commercial credit and more.

River Valley Community College
River Valley Community College1 year ago

What you don’t know about the law can hurt your business (and you). Many small business owners find out about their business’s legal rights and responsibilities the hard way. Arm yourself with the legal knowledge to avoid common pitfalls in the business environment.

River Valley Community College
River Valley Community College1 year ago

River Valley Community College
River Valley Community College1 year ago

If you are an entrepreneur, or small to mid-sized business, Quickbooks is the preferred software tool for you to properly manage your business accounting.

River Valley Community College
River Valley Community College1 year ago

Do you have a great business idea but don’t know how to launch it?
In this hands-on workshop you will:
build and refine the foundation of your business strategy
learn the what lenders & investors expect in a business plan

River Valley Community College
River Valley Community College4 years ago

Thank you to volunteer #RVCCnh students and staff for taking the time to #rampUPkindness!