NURS110R : LPN Nursing Care I

The focus of this course is to prepare the LPN to apply nursing process to collecting and organizing relevant health care data, assist in the identification of health needs/problems throughout the client life span, and contribute to the interdisciplinary team in a variety of settings. The entry level LPN demonstrates the essential competencies needed to care for clients with commonly occurring health problems that have predictable outcomes. Students learn to assess and identify normal body function, provide basic nursing care, and assist the client in maintaining and promoting good health and manage or adapt to illness. Skills and competency are developed through simulation and clinical practice using QSEN competencies and Benner’s model of skill attainment. Culture, spirituality, and alternative therapies prepare LPN’s for care of a diverse healthcare population. Pharmacological principles and common medications are introduced with a focus on safe medication administration principles.  

Semester Hours:    Lecture: 3    Lab: 2    Other: 10 (Clinical)




Lecture Hours