NURS 230R : LPN Nursing Care III

This course expands on concepts of previous nursing courses with the addition of nursing care to the childbearing family, including parents, infants, and children. Lifespan development and health disorders of infant and pediatric populations are introduced, providing insight into nursing in a specialty area. Nursing care of the adult expands to include complex acute health disorders requiring a higher level of critical thinking and nursing skills. The simulation lab and clinical practice provide opportunities to develop these skills which are based on Benner’s model of skill attainment, the Creighton competency evaluation instrument, and deliberate practice for skill proficiency. Concepts of health promotion and prevention, patient education, therapeutic nutrition, and legal-ethical principles are integrated throughout the course. Clinical learning experiences in community health settings as well as acute care facilities provide opportunities to integrate theory with clinical practice as well as introduce students to specialized nursing care.  

Semester Hours:    Lecture: 3    Lab: 2    Other: 10 (Clinical)





Lecture Hours