ADNR116R : Nursing Care I

This course introduces students to the roles of the registered nurse as a provider of care, manager of care and member of the discipline of nursing. Theoretical concepts of person, health, nursing, and environment are integrated with intellectual, interpersonal, and psychomotor competencies.
Students develop introductory knowledge, skills, and attitudes within the framework of QSEN competencies in order provide safe, effective nursing care to a diverse population of adult and geriatric patients with actual or possible health problems. Students learn the importance of respect for the patient and family as central members of the health care team and develop commitment to advocacy, and provision of safe, high quality, holistic, and evidenced-based practice. Nursing concepts are taught in a variety of learning environments including the classroom, nursing skills/procedure lab, and healthcare facilities. Students learn and practice health assessment, medication administration, and basic nursing skills and procedures. 

HOURS: 2 lab, 10 clinical




Lecture Hours