AHLT135R : Activities of Daily Living

This course is a foundation course offered in the first semester of the first year. It provides the students with an introduction to patient care, foundational intervention and an introductory understanding to the practice as an OTA and PTA. The course builds upon concepts presented in AHLT 104R Introduction to OT/PT and OCTA 110R Fundamentals of OT. This course is offered early in the curriculum to introduce and focus on the individual with disabilities in society and in relation to practice. This course provides an opportunity for both OTA and PTA students to begin integrating team collaboration

This combined occupational therapy and physical therapy course shall introduce principles and techniques of client/patient handling and activities of daily living. The students shall have the opportunity with other classmates to experience and demonstrate the basics needed for moving, positioning, planning and training clients for daily living management and mobility. Basic skills required of occupational therapy assistants and physical therapist assistants (as utilized in a variety of clinical settings with client/patients from various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds) are most effectively learned experientially. These skills provide a strong foundation for future competence in treatment planning and implementation. 




Lecture Hours