OCTA190R : OTA Level I Fieldwork Experience

This clinical experience is designed to introduce the student to a variety of professional behaviors in the field which include how to collect useful and accurate data from observation and/or available written resources, use of effective communication with written and verbal skills, and appropriate screening and assessment techniques. This course is conducted at the end of the first year after the completion of all of the first-year courses. It is designed to solidify the principles of theory and practice that have been introduced to the students in the first year. This particular. Fieldwork has a focus on psychological and social factors that influence engagement in occupation. The student will be introduced and have a chance to experience and interact in a variety of psychosocial and behavioral situations that are integrated with developmental, physical and emotional deficits. The Level I field work experience allows the student an opportunity to be involved in basic treatment planning including; setting goals, developing intervention strategies and demonstrating proper techniques in ADL and some I-ADL interventions while maintaining effective relationships with client, family and staff and utilizing the occupational therapy practice framework. Upon completion of Level I experience the student will have demonstrated a sense of professional values, ethics, and responsibilities.