ENGL102R : College Composition

In this course, students learn to write clearly and effectively for defined audiences through a variety of writing strategies, behaviors, habits, and attitudes.  Emphasis is on the writing process from prewriting through drafting, revising, and editing. Students gain confidence through learning basic writing principles of effective expository composition and the application of these principles in writing essays and documented papers.  Resources for this class may include texts, library and electronic resources, and personal experiences.

Course Workshop Description:
All students will be required to register for a 50-minute workshop session alongside College Composition. Each College Composition course has a workshop directly preceding or following its meeting times. Asynchronous sections of College Composition cover the workshop through 50-minute Zoom meetings. In the workshop, students will receive individualized, assignment-based support, and targeted, review-based instruction. The workshop is designed to serve as a reinforcement of the College Composition curriculum.
Students may “test out” of the workshop after the first paper if they meet the following conditions:
•    Their paper average is a B or higher
•    Their overall average is a B or higher






Lecture Hours