MLTC290R : Clinical Practicum

This practicum course will provide clinical experience in the laboratory sections of Hematology, Urinalysis, Clinical Chemistry, Blood Banking and Microbiology. This allows students to apply the knowledge and skills obtained in the didactic component of the curriculum to experiences in a clinical laboratory. The clinical environment will also provide the opportunity to practice skills of a phlebotomist while under the supervision of qualified personnel in an accredited clinical laboratory. The student must demonstrate minimum competency in each area as determined by the established objectives to successfully pass this course. Affiliation packets are used in each department to assess acquired laboratory competencies. Clinical practice takes place in an approved facility under the direction and supervision of laboratory educators employed by the facility. RVCC faculty provide support and oversight throughout the practicum as necessary. Students will perform routine analytical procedures, continue to develop their laboratory skills and apply knowledge gained during classroom learning.

Other/Practicum Hours: 36 (540 total clock hours)

Fieldwork is 37.5 - 40 hours/week for 14 weeks