OCTA214R : Physical Disabilities in Occupational Therapy

This practice oriented course provides the student with basic skills in assessment, treatment planning, treatment techniques and documentation as related to physical dysfunction. Included are biomechanical, neurodevelopmental and sensory integrative treatment techniques, splinting, casting and the use of adaptive devices. Occupational therapy is based on the belief that occupation/purposeful activity may be used to prevent and mediate dysfunction. The occupational therapy assistant, to contribute to this prevention and mediation in physical disabilities, must understand the occupational therapy process and display competency in assessment, problem identification, treatment planning and implementation. This course incorporates theory and practice concepts from OCTA 110, 125, and 212. Through the dovetailing of courses offered in the first and second semesters of the curriculum, the OTA student can further expand their knowledge effective OT Practice with individuals with physical disabilities. This course is offered in the first semester of the senior year. Level I FW OCTA 190 also contributes to the foundation of this course as students apply assessment skills, physical, emotional, psychosocial and cognitive intervention techniques in simulation and classroom practice


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